1. B

    My turn signals are being weird

    Hey guys and gals, I just bought a 2004 TJ sport last friday and my turn signals are real weird. When I turn them on, they work normally for like a second before blinking very rapidly then shutting off completely. The rapid blinking last for less than a second. keep in mind one of the side...
  2. T

    Rust Repair

    Hey guys, so I wanted to upgrade my suspension (was thinking of the H&R + Rancho combo) but as I took a closer look I've now realized that that my rear upper coil spring mounts on both sides are pretty rusted. When I boutht the jeep a few years ago, the first thing I looked for was rust (thanks...
  3. Fulton_Hogan

    Door Loop Repair (Rivet nut / Nutsert question)

    I'm needing advice on how to proceed with drilling and adding rivnuts/nutserts to get footman loops back on a pair of doors. Whoever previously owned them stripped or broke the original bolts for both doors' door strap loops. On the passenger door they drilled out new holes. The ones on the...
  4. O

    New York 1997-2002 Center Frame Repair section - Pocono Metal

    I have an unused 1997-2002 center repair section from Pocono Metal. Label and online order info doesn't specify left or right. Guessing from the photos, it is the right center frame piece. They sent me (or I mis-ordered) the wrong part. $130 new. Make an offer. Can help with delivery any...
  5. feroxsanctus

    LED headlights flashing randomly and clicking noise behind glove box

    Hello, I ordered 7" LED Headlights off of Amazon with a H3 connector and swapped them out for the stock headlights. Now when I drive the Jeep, there is a clicking sound behind the glovebox and every time the click happens the headlights turn on and off really quickly (and the high beam light...
  6. N

    Need advice before I pull this out of fuse box

    I have been having issues with the dash gauges going in and out, I’ve done some research and I think it has to do with this in my IOD fuse slot. Is it safe to pull this and put a 10A fuse in its place? I’m afraid if I pull it, the fuse slot won’t accept the new fuse. I have attached a photo.
  7. Davy-Crockettm28

    Continued O2 sensor troubles

    A few months ago I started intermittently getting the CEL code p-0133. So I got a replacement sensor from NTK and tried replacing it. I had zero luck since it was seized so I sent my jeep and the NTK sensor over to my mechanic who was able to put it in for me. Cleared my check engine light for...
  8. J

    2000 Jeep Wrangler SE Vibration Noise

    Hi there, I’m reaching out because I’m really desperate for some help right now. First of all, I know very little about vehicles, but this will be my third Jeep TJ, it is a 2000 Wrangler SE, four-cylinder. It has about 150,000 miles on it. I bought it about 5 years ago and have had to do very...
  9. Warman124

    How far could you drive in 4wd with the rear shaft out

    My Dana 35 finally blew up and now I need to road trip home to fix it from Florida to Ohio. Is leaving the rear shaft out and driving back in 4hi going to cause excessive wear to my T-case or should it be fine? It’s got the wide chain kit and an sye I also don’t care if the Dana 30 goes just...
  10. PhillyJake

    Pennsylvania Soft Top Repair near Philly?

    The zipper on my back window has stopped working, and now all the pulls and stays are gone. To be clear, the seam binding the zippers to the window and the seam binding the zipper on the soft top side are both fine; the teeth appear to be ok. I've tried replacing the pulls with new ones from...
  11. D

    Heavy shaking when accelerating into third gear

    Hello! This is my first time posting on this thread but have lurked for many years. If this is the incorrect place to ask this question then please let me know! As said above, I've scoured the site for over a decade getting information on fixing my Jeep. There is one problem that I have not...
  12. Blake Miller

    1999 automatic gear shift question

    Hi everyone, Just joined the TJ family a few weeks ago and love it! I am doing some small repairs (bulbs, switches, etc) but can’t find what I need to order to fix the indicator on the automatic shifter. The letters are there, PRNDL, etc, but when I move the gear shifter nothing changes to...
  13. S

    LJ front frame repair suggestions

    Hello all, Absolutely hate that I have to make this post asking for suggestions on my Jeep. Bought it about 2 years ago, Jeep LJ 160k 4.0 automatic. Runs great and drives pretty well. There’s a shitty lift kit that I’m planning on upgrading at some point as well as plenty of other stuff...
  14. C

    Is this paint self-repairable or does it require a professional?

    2002 TJ, the PO said this chipping happens from the hood getting hot. I'd like to get it back in decent shape but wondering if this is a DIY project or if I need to bring it in. If it is something a novice can take care, how might I go about that? Its just on the the hood. Some crackles in the...
  15. dsher

    Damaged ring and pinion Dana 35

    Hello guys I would to hear your opinion about my problem first the specs: Its a 98 TJ wrangler 4.0L 5 SPEED MANUAL and a 4 lift I bought it with no knowledge about it when I bought it it had 32 tires with 3.73 dana 35 about 3 months after I bought it my differential started to make a noise...
  16. ShaneMK

    What brand of lunchbox locker is this?

    My TJ isn’t original to me. I’m rebuilding the diff and it had a lunchbox locker and I was just trying to identify what brand it was so I could contact them to order new springs. The ratcheting gears all appear in great condition, little to no wear but a few of the springs look like they...
  17. TJ_owns_a_TJ

    Should I be concerned that my Mopar water pump came with chips on mating surface?

    Replacing coolant system and I just noticed the MOPAR water pump I ordered has some small imperfections on the mating surface (pics below) - I understand the mating surface has to be clean and flat for a perfect seal so will these little imperfections be a deal breaker or is no big deal? they...
  18. J

    Add dye to transfer case

    Hello All, I'm trying to discern the location of a leak between tranny and transfer case. Based on fluid level, I'm pretty sure the issue is the transfer case. Thinking of adding dye to help confirm and pinpoint the issue, but want to make sure before I go and make a potentially simple seal...
  19. fuse

    How to repair a broken air compressor in a Warn PowerPlant

    The Warn PowerPlant is kind of an odd duck. It's a combination winch and air compressor, with the compressor driven by the winch motor. Warn released two models around 2007 (and updated them in 2013), a 9,500 lb. version and a 12,000 lb. version. The two models differ mainly in the planetary...
  20. B

    Purchasing first time TJ (rust)

    Trying to purchase my first wrangler for a relatively low price. I know rust is a problem on jeeps but I don't know how bad this one is. Was hoping you guys can tell me how bad and how to treat it.