1. Jackson S

    Super loose steering column

    Does anyone else have a really loose steering column, like to the point that its difficult to drive on the highway because the wheels go all over the road and you cant feel it in the steering wheel. Like its so bad that i cant shake the steering wheel pretty violently and the car wont turn at...
  2. M

    Megatire Calgary

    Hi Group, If your heading north chances are you will be rolling through Calgary before you hit the Alaska Highway. Here’s our contact info if you need anything for your Jeep. Rob Megatire Calgary (A TreadPro Tire Centre) 3850-32 Street NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada 403-277-6392...
  3. P

    Differential Flush Advice

    I am looking to get my differential fluid changed out soon. Normally I would do it myself, but I am short on time lately and have no viable place to do the work due to apartment living. I was just wondering what a reasonable price would be for both the front and rear diff, I found a good...