skid plate

  1. Vali Jo

    97 Wrangler - Transmission Crossmember Bolts / Attachment to Frame

    Bear with me, I am a do-it-myself kind of person, but I am NOT a mechanic so I am continually learning. Original owner of a '97 Sport, 4.0 L - 5 speed AX15 transmission 279K miles Just dropped the skid plate (transmission cross member) so I could change out the clutch. Working on getting it put...
  2. B

    Utah Sold

    The TJR has been sold. Thank you to all the great members on this site, maybe one day I will be back
  3. C

    Getting Rid of Rusted / Rotted Jeep

    Howdy - I bought a 1998 TJ Sport a couple of years ago knowing it was kinda on it's last legs. The time has come. It's rusting like crazy (located in CT). The muffler fell off, and when I went to get it fixed the mechanic basically said I shouldn't be driving it around at all for fear that the...
  4. bluescapegoat

    SOLD Under Cover Fabworks Ultra High Clearance Skid 03-06

    PN 619620083883 3/16 steel Skid only $150 pick up only Lakeville, MN.
  5. Don Bulee

    Where to spend the money?

    Hello guys, just like everybody with a jeep.... I'm wondering what to improve and I'm considering priorities... and since opinions and advices are always welcomed I would like to know what do you consider should be next... I already have a pretty decent rig (06 TJ rubicon) so lockers, Dana 44s...
  6. E

    SOLD UCF ultra high clearance Aluminum skid plate

    I have a zero-mileage UCF ultra high clearance Transfer Case Skid for 97-02 TJ/LJ, I'm looking to get $350 picked up for it It's perfect condition new and unused. I only painted the inside welds with KBS chassis black in my rear that when installed the salt in NY would make the aluminum and...
  7. NskLJ

    California Engine skid plate

    Engine skid plate with hardware
  8. Don Bulee

    Barnes Skid Plate Requirements

    Hello, I was looking for Barnes skid plates to improve the clearance on my 06 rubicon, and found that there are 3 different set ups, the 0", 2' and the 3". I understand that the 3" would be as stock as possible (maybe 0.75-1.00 of inches clearance) but I was thinking about the flat (0" inches)...
  9. Sgt Jarhead

    SOLD 97-06 TJ/LJ Terraflex Complete Belly Up Skid Plate

    Complete Tummy Tuck by Terraflex Includes transfer case skid plate, transmission skid plate, and engine skid plate and hardware. Asking $650, located in Medford Oregon.
  10. Winks42

    T Case nutsert question

    So I took my skid plate off a couple months ago after I bought it to diagnose my transmission leak and also clean it. Well I stripped the nutserts pretty good and It was a PITA trying to screw the bolts back in because there were barely any threads left, I am actually running 2 bolts on one side...
  11. chaz.t0

    Can anyone recommend a belly pan skid that works without any body lift?

    So after trying my hand at some rock-crawling last weekend, I am in love. However did dent up my factory skid plate. So I'm in search of a new one. Can anyone recommend a belly pan skid that works without any body lift?? Also are there any other skids I should invest in? I currently have a...
  12. TreverStevens

    Kansas Stock front Fender flares and a few other parts

    Just pulled the stock front fender flares off my TJ. PO did a lousy job putting a bedliner coating on, but it would come off with a simple power wash or light sanding (it's already flaking off). All lenses and light housings are included (I forgot to put one of them in for pictures, but have...
  13. BBBilly

    SOLD Free Misc TJ / LJ Rubicon Parts

    Free LJ Rubicon Parts Front tie rod Linkage, Roll Cage with padding and covers, rocker guards, steps, Skid plate, bumper, air cleaner box and filter Moving need to pick up this weekend
  14. TreverStevens

    New skid plate not lining up with frame holes

    Doing a UCF skid with my engine swap and even after pushing the 5.9 as far back as possible to weld the engine mounts in I knew the trans was still about 2" further forward than the factory position. On the upside, that means I get a little more rear drive shaft length which I'll be needing due...
  15. 01TJ-Blues

    Stock TC Skid Plate

    Stock skid plate from a 2001 TJ, good shape with one dent but doesn’t affect anything. Bolts included. Buyer pays shipping.
  16. mgroeger

    Armor / Skid Plating

    The trails we run have some great rocky parts and flat out rock climbing and we love going on them. I'm lifted with no tummy tuck but also am able to keep the transfer case plate bolted to the frame, so no TC plate spacers. I ordered a Skid Row tranny/oil pan skid and it actually covers part of...
  17. J

    Trying to stabilize a sagging skid plate

    Hello, I have a 2001 Wrangler TJ with serious frame corrosion. I’m not handy with major repairs so to there’s not much more I can do with it. The skid plate is holding on to the frame by only one side, meaning 3 bolts. So the transfer case is sagging a little. Of course I’m nuts driving it in...
  18. mgroeger

    Transimission pan dangers off road?

    I'm new to owning a LJ (just over a week now) and already modifying it :) I will be taking it off road very soon and the trails have some rock climbing spots, anywhere from easy to "no way am I going there in this Jeep". I have the following... 2" OME lift 1.25" JKS body lift 1" motor mount...
  19. E

    Help removing skid plate

    im trying to drop the skid plate on my 1998 TJ. I THOUGHT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WOULD BE Getting the bolts loose. The did beak free but they're just spinning and not backing out. Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping to change the exhaust and nuetral safety switch
  20. dustinrice69

    HELP! Transmission / skid plate issue

    Hello, sorry if posting in wrong place!! Im 50 years old and this is my first time, ever, doing this sort of thing. However, Im just about done with this tj and in need of help. About month ago bought one owner 02 and boy it was just wonderful. that is until I walked out to find transfer case...