1. JeepGirl1013

    Audio Receiver Mod

    Hi everyone! I just bought my first TJ, a 2001 Sport, automatic. I am making my upgrade/mod list, which continues to grow thanks to this forum, and I’m hoping the hive mind can help me with my stero woes. I love everything that isn’t modern about my TJ but I am a sucker for Apple carplay and...
  2. B

    Colorado Complete stereo head unit bezel speakers and pods

    Full jeep wrangler tj LJ 1997-2006 stereo Sony CDX-GT3000 head unit with bezel mount and stereo side wiring harness. Qty. 2 front infinity speakers 4x6 with speaker pods and factory connector Qty. 2 infinity reference 6502ix 180w pp 6.5” with bezels and grille. Everything works great. Will...
  3. SSTJ

    SOLD (SOLD) Rockford Fosgate 4x6 Dash Speakers

    Rockford Fosgate Punch 4x6 Speakers. Very good condition...
  4. SSTJ

    SOLD Basic Upgrade Stereo Equipment

    This should be a good setup for anyone wanting to take a first step in upgrading their stereo equipment. Would prefer to sell together, but will split up if necessary. Sony MEX-N5300BT head unit. Very good condition. Comes with wiring harness, remote control, and wired mic, as shown in pics...
  5. Project Billd

    How to Install a Double DIN Head Unit and New Speakers in a Jeep TJ

    I recently bought a 2004 Rubicon TJ (my dream car) and made a few videos about it. One of the first things I did was to upgrade the head unit and speakers.
  6. S

    Speaker noob, looking to upgrade existing speakers

    So likely going to buy from Crutchfield. All I want to do is upgrade stock speakers. I don’t even know how speakers there are so that’d be a good start. Would like to balance between easy install and good quality. Ideally don’t want to be adding a bunch of new stuff in places where existing...
  7. 2atj

    Looking for a subwoofer upgrade

    Have already replaced the factory speakers with KICKER CS Series CSC5 5.25 and KICKER CSC46 CS Series 4 x 6. Since 1 front speaker was blown as well as the sub was blown. I replaced the sub with some cheap $10 speaker just so I could actually listen to the radio. Installed an Insane Audio...
  8. Carson.bub

    Speakers with good bass for front and rear of 2006 TJ

    @skrelnik what are some good speakers that have good bass that are an easy install that I can purchase from crutchfield that is low price and can hold me over till I get a sub ? I need them for the front and rear I prefer like stock sizes so I don’t have to do any cutting .
  9. wicked_ol_wolf

    Power issue with new radio

    Hello, I've had some issue's, hoping someone here may have a solution. So I recently upgraded my speakers, head unit with an amp and subwoofer on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler sport. I connected all the wires where they are to suppose to go, but the head unit wasn't getting power, well it was...
  10. Roel Salazar

    Going to install 8" marine speakers

    Hi, Im getting all I need to upgrade my sound system, but, have anyone installed 8" speakers yet?. If someone has do it, please reply with photos, I wanna see how it looks Im going to make a aluminium sound bar so I can fit the 4 speakers in the top like stock. The speakers are PowerBass...
  11. Drc1340

    Biggest subwoofer set up in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I’d like to ask out of curiosity who thinks they have the baddest sub set up, and what are your specs. This has been a question for me since I did a massive audio set up in my Jeep Wrangler tj. So let’s hear what set up you got what amp and sub and what watts you’re running. Thanks
  12. Slaverson

    Boat Speakers

    I’m looking to get some 6.5” speakers for my pods in my 05 unlimited and I have been considering boat speakers. How different is wiring and should I be concerned at all with fitting them in? I know I have to do a little trimming for the larger speaker size but is there anything else I should...
  13. Slaverson

    Soundbar Speaker Upgrade

    I have a 2005 wrangler unlimited and I have already upgraded my 2 front speakers and the stereo. I’m looking to upgrade my soundbar speakers but I have seen people fitting 5.25” and 6.5” speakers in there. I want to put in the 6.5” speakers but I’m not sure how they will fit in there. Do I...
  14. DaveC

    Arizona Memphis Audio 5.25" Speakers

    Memphis audio 5.25" speakers. Came out of the sound bar on my 2006 TJ. They work, just went a different direction.
  15. Bumble Beep

    Illinois Speakers, mats and axle seals

    I have some TJ parts for sale... Front speakers x2, Infinity OEM, excellent working condition $20 Rear speakers x2, OEM, excellent working condition $10 Floor mats x4 (front and rear set), good condition $10 Front axle (Dana 30/44) tube seals x2, Ten Factory MG21103, as new $30 Shipping...
  16. J

    Advice or recommendations on sound system in 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Hey guys! Quick backstory: I've owned my TJ for a little bit over a year, and have drove it around completely stock. When I bought the Jeep, nothing on it was upgraded at all. It was (and still is) running the factory head unit with a blown out subwoofer in the center console. I have made a few...
  17. rmoseley

    Texas Soft Top's

    I Just purchased a 2000 Wrangler Sahara TJ and was wondering about installing a soft top. Looking for Ideas/experience. Is one brand better and why? I need to get busy upgrading this jeep. Here are some upcoming up-grades in no special order: Lights Radio Soft top Speakers Thanks in...
  18. MattFogel

    Questions about stereo, speaker, and possibly a subwoofer / amp install

    Alright, Boys. I know alot of you have upgraded your sound systems. I have a few questions for anyone who has made some upgrades. So Im looking to replace all 4 speakers and put in a sub/amp in my 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ. 1. I am a amateur trail rider. I go back country but im not trying to...
  19. jeeperboy04

    Factory speaker upgrade question

    I have a 2004 Jeep wrangler sport and the speakers have dry rotted and am looking to replace/upgrade them. I have pods for a sound bar that (from what I've read) only fit 5.25" speakers and in the dash i have 4" component speakers with what i believe are 1" tweeters. i found a pair of kicker...
  20. Adam Voss

    Ideas for Better Speakers System in 98

    My 1998 Wrangler has stock speaker system, garbage overhead speakers, and no sub. Any recommendations on what kind of sub I should look at, and where I should mount it? Also I want to replace the stock speakers, any good brands or models that I should consider?