1. jarhead8086

    Kentucky 3.5 Rubicon Express Lift

    Includes: Coils Springs Twin Tube Shocks Sway Bar End Links Rear shock bolts have tears in bottom of boot but both are in great working order.
  2. LimpinHome

    Spring perch relocation on a stock TJ?

    While upgrading my rear springs to some MOOG 3227s I confirmed that my rear upper spring perches were rusted....badly. I'm in the process of ordering/welding on new ones and "while I'm in there" I thought about relocating them. Currently my TJ is at stock height. I want to do a lift later, but...
  3. AdelaideTJ

    Advice buying new shock absorbers and springs for a stock TJ

    Hi all, new TJ owner from Australia. I am trying to dispel some confusion around buying new shock absorbers and springs, specifically with how products are marketed. I am using my TJ to learn mechanics etc. so I probably lack some fundamental knowledge. I seem to only be able to find shocks that...
  4. Adrian_A

    Swayaway Racerunner shocks

    Hey guys, I took these coilovers off my TJ from a previous owner. they have 350/300 springs on them (I know super heavy!). I cleaned them up as best I could and im looking to sell them but I can't find much info on them and how I should price them. they are pretty beat up externally as you can...
  5. jsredlineracer

    WTB: 4 springs and shocks

    If anyone has some 4” shocks and springs and are willing to part with either for free or cheap please let me know I will take care of shipping through FedEx. I need at least the springs because I’m fixing up the Jeep for my daughter and it’s currently on a 6” lift which actually has 7” lift...
  6. D

    2.5 or 3 inch springs for LJ?

    I have a stock LJ that I want to do a mild lift on to put 33x12.5 tires 15x10 Mickey Thompson classic II wheels. I will mainly be using this Jeep to ride dirt roads, the beach, and around town so I need it to ride good. I’m looking to get JKS front and rear track bars, JKS sway bar disconnects...
  7. jsredlineracer

    Suspension help

    This Jeep was a fixer upper which still has a long way to go. It starts and runs but the suspension feels like I’m driving a clunker. I measured the suspension like I read in some of the posts here and it seems to have a 7” lift. I got 19” on the front spring and 15” in the back. This is a...
  8. B

    Ignition switch cover, screws and spring replacements??

    I am the average story of a man replacing an ignition switch actuator that had broken. Upon completing my replacement I noticed a screw and the spring on the inside of the actuator cover had gone missing. Does anyone have any insight on where to find these? Size of screws (I know they're T10...
  9. Sarahanne1984

    Is this mystery activity a problem? Jumping with shifting

    I don’t know what to call this but I’m wondering if it’s normal, a problem, or a serious problem.. The Thing: when I’ve got my foot on the brake, release parking brake, start it, give it a few minutes, and shift to reverse it does a hissing clunk and the height level of the Jeep rises, then...
  10. TJoe

    Any good alternatives to Pro Comp 2 inch lift springs?

    I've been looking into getting a 2/2.5" lift lately and came across Chris' post about putting one together https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/a-recipe-for-an-affordable-but-quality-2-5-lift.41687/ The problem is that the Pro Comp springs listed for the rear aren't available anywhere as of now...
  11. R

    Newbie Needs Suspension Input

    Hello: I just bought a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport, Automatic and the I6. I need some advice on suspension replacement. I will try to be brief... The Jeep has after market front and rear bumpers that are heavy, including a winch on the front end. The rear bumper, per a shop tech, weighs about...
  12. Nomaybes

    SOLD SoCal - 6" lift springs & Rancho 9000 shocks

    I reduced the lift of my TJ - these are parts that came off and happy to share for free to a fellow TJ owner: 6" lift springs - 99% sure they are Rubicon Express F/R Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks Both are plenty old but seem to work without issue. Can't beat the price. I also have: Drop...
  13. andrew girgis

    Lift kit for 33’ muddies?

    Hey guys! recently purchased a 2005 TJ, the seller sold it to me with 33’ muddies, thinking of getting a lift kit to fit in the 33’s. What purchases should i make for the lift and how many inches should the lift be for a comfortable drive? any recommendations are appreciated
  14. DougB

    SOLD 2006 LJ springs and shocks

    Selling used take off parts from my 2006 LJ Stock 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ springs front and rear - $30 Gabriel Ultra front shocks for stock height - $20 Monroe Sensatrac rear shocks for stock height -$20 Shocks are gas charged and still extend themselves when compressed. Prices listed for...
  15. 97_TJ

    SOLD 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Metalcloak 4.5" Lift Springs #7267

    Installed 3/13/2020 and Removed 9/11/2020. 1,630 miles of use - mostly highway and about 40 miles of mild trail use. I am trying to get rid of these because I did not need the amount of lift that they provided. They rode fantastically, but were too tall for my liking. I do not need these...
  16. SCJeepTJ

    SOLD 2” BDS Rear Springs - TJ

    Only had these on my Jeep for about 700-800 miles, so they are like new. Good quality, just sat too tall on my lightweight Jeep with the rear coil relocator brackets I have installed. I suspect they would work well if paired with a 3” front spring, but would obviously vary based on the weight...
  17. T

    LJ vs TJ springs

    This may be a noob question, which I am, but is there a difference in springs between the TJ and LJ? I'm in the market for a new 2" lift and I'm noticing on some sites when I enter my vehicle, 2006 LJR, the springs I'm looking at are coming up as not compatible with the LJ but they work for...
  18. T

    Spring and shock recommendations

    The shocks and springs on my 2006 LJR look, and feel, like their best days are behind them. Riding a little rough and seems like the front is sagging more than the normal 1.5". So with black friday/cyber monday, and my Jeep in the shop for other reasons, I thought I should look for some springs...
  19. NigelTheTJ

    WTB: Stock - 2 springs in Northridge, CA

    Hey guys & gals, Looks like my front springs are sagging on my 02. They are the originals so if anyone has any springs lying around, between stock height and maybe 2", let me know. Funds are tight but I'm sure I can work something out. Thanks
  20. Roel Salazar

    Need opinions on lifts

    Im searching for a 2.5" suspension kit, I have seen the 4 shocks and 4 springs from Rough Country but I need opinions. Usually drive my TJ on unpaved roads and offroading, is there another brand you recommend for a softer ride? Also mid budget.