1. S

    Battery issues?

    HELP: a couple days ago i was having issues with my starter. I replaced the starter and the alternator all together. Drove perfectly for one day, by the end of the night i try to start it up and the battery was dead. I check on it the next morning and all the gauges/dashboard lights are on. I...
  2. damselNOTindistress

    Starter, alternator, or both?

    Yesterday, I got up, started the Jeep in 7* weather, drove to work, drove back to my town, and then ... dead in the water at the post office. I got nothing. No lights on the dash, just a click could be heard at the starter solenoid. I checked the battery voltage (it was only at 12.6 V which...
  3. M

    Jeep not starting, found some wires not plugged in and Im not sure what they are?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 Jeep with 157000 miles on it and I've been having some trouble with it starting and running. I've owned the car for about 2 years now and for the whole time that I've owned it It almost never starts on the first crank, but always on the second. there are some other problems...
  4. ndaddy

    TJ not starting

    Again, constant issues with this car ! Woof. I had an issue a few months ago with the 3rd party cam shaft sensor and starting. Finally fixed that and now a new starting issue. I noticed two things. 1) when I would start my car, it would make a 1 second grinding / crunching sound as the car...
  5. C

    Starter won't disengage

    2005 wrangler 4.0. I just replaced the spark plugs now the starter won’t disengage. The engine starts fine but the starter keeps running. If I turn the key off then restart about every 4th time the starter will stop once the engine starts. The starter is about 1 year old. Suggestions?
  6. K

    Engine won’t turn over, just clicks. Could it be an alternator, starter or other issue?

    Good afternoon all! Long time reader first time posting. I have an 2005 tj. I had to jump start the battery via booster cables. I drove it around for 30-45 minutes to charge battery. Later I go out to crank it. Dash lights and gauges come on but won’t turn over it’s just a single click sound...
  7. Tim5276

    Engine turns over, but won't start

    My 98 TJ started giving me trouble a couple of weeks ago. Started it for the 1st time in over a month. Ran it for 15 minutes and went to leave. It stalled out and then wouldn’t start. it turns over, and over, and over, but never catches. I’ve added gas and “heat” water remover/fuel injector...
  8. Mcnenc1

    Engine only starts if I give it gas and turnover at the same time

    2004 4.0l 42RLE (auto) Sahara Engine turns over very very slowly. Won’t start up though until I give it enough gas durning the start up and then and only then it will run smoothly. No rough idling but RPMS drop fairly low while at stop lights? Any thoughts??
  9. __amanduh

    What is happening here? (battery, starter, etc.)

    Background: Purchased '06 TJ Unlimited this past September; 108k miles, two previous owners. New Duralast AMG battery in Sept '18, as well as other parts. Had the issue with the MFS/fog lights earlier this week, and had a drained battery overnight after forgetting to use the little turn signal...
  10. SeismicWhales

    My TJ won't turn over but the battery is still good

    I tried to start my TJ last night so I could pull it out of the garage to put my motorcycle behind it and it wouldn't start. I pulled the battery out and took it to Autozone and they said it's still good. My positive terminal connector is a little corroded (I'm going to clean it) and the...
  11. C

    Starting issue after replacing starter

    I just replaced the starter due to typical bad starter symptoms. As soon as replaced the vehicle started perfectly about 10-15 times. After driving for about 100 miles on the free way I stopped to get gas. Then when I turned the key..... nothing. After checking fuses and swapping relays still...
  12. mark aldridge

    Starter problem troubleshooting

    If I could get a little advice regarding my jeep not starting, I would be appreciative. I've performed the steps here: (Thanks!), and want to confirm the analysis of the results. 1. 2005 Wrangler X (4.0) will not...
  13. F

    '97 Clicking sound, no start

    Whenever I try to start my '97 wrangler there will be clicking sounds and it will not start. Previously the check engine light had been on due to needing a new Crankshaft position sensor, I replaced the sensor and the problem is still persisting. I have also tried jump-starting it. Ideas on what...
  14. Jon Down

    Out with the old...In with the new :-)

  15. K

    02 starter going bad

    How hard is it to replace a starter ? I see they cost around $139.00 mine is pulling battery down -pulling 300 amps is what I am told instead of 90 amps . Thanks
  16. Eddie Greenlee

    Jeep won't start

    Hey I just did something to make my jeep not crank. I took my battery cables off and topped the water off in the battery then put about an hour charge on it. then i hooked it all back up tightened the leads back up and went to start the jeep. WELL all it will do is click or tick real fast. it...
  17. Chris

    Jeep Wrangler TJ won't start? Read this!

    I have seen many posts on this board with people incorrectly diagnosing starting issues, or giving advice that requires a lot more wrench turning and guess work than necessary. I figured I could make a little diagnostic write up to better inform people about how to test the system, and how it...