1. Stella The TJ

    Steering issues!

    Just looking for some opinions because I feel like I'm running out of options. I have a 2002 Jeep TJ X with a old man emu 2.5 lift. JKS front and rear adjustable track bars. Installed Rock Jock Curry Currectlync Steering and started having steering issues. Everything replaced thus far is...
  2. Slicknick630

    Is my pitman arm and track bar too close?

    Ok so I just installed a new track bar and track bar bracket in the Jeep. I have a teraflex high steer setup and a rough country drop pitman arm. I am not trying to get into a debate about having a drop pitman or not or what you think about RE track bars and there brackets or any other brands. I...
  3. TreverStevens

    WTB: Found- Stock pitman arm

    PO put a drop arm on and I’m looking to correct this. Anyone have a stock pitman arm?
  4. Whitejeep1999

    Power Steering Weirdness

    Hey everyone, So about a week ago I replaced my steering box because it was leaking from the input seal. Put a RedHead Steering gear in it. It drove and steered amazing since the replacement but over the past few days I’ve noticed some whining while turning the wheel and a whining noise while...
  5. BrandonB

    Looking for thoughts on RPM crossover steering

    I've been running a Currie Currectlync on my LJR for a couple years now on 37's and its been great, but I've recently got a G2 Core 44 front and Currie 60 rear and stepped up to 40's. My Problem is I bought a PSC kit and ran it last year but I've been unable to use the ram which is something I...
  6. PurpleTJAZ

    SOLD Rubicon Express Adjustable Track Bar

    Rubicon Express track bar, used but in good condition. Hiem joint and axle bushing in good shape. Comes with mounting hardware. No dents or kinks just some scratches I in the black paint I put over the factory gray. $60 pick up or I can ship at buyers expense.
  7. PurpleTJAZ

    SOLD Reman Steering Box

    AutoZone remanufactured steering gear part number 7525. Should fit TJ’s 98 to 02 among other models. Never installed just been sitting in the garage for a year now. Local pick up or I can ship at buyers expense. It will fit in a flat rate box so probably about $20 or so
  8. greyghost_lj

    Pitman arm angle with wheels straight

    Is this pitman arm angle correct? My thought is that it should be parallel with the body of the Jeep but I have no idea really. I’m trying to track down the cause of my steering stabilizer rubbing against my track bar. Not sure if this is related at all. Please let me know of any issues you...
  9. J

    Limited Turn Radius

    Greetings! BLUF: Can turn left 2 full rotations of steering wheel. Can only turn right 1 rotation of steering wheel. I have a 2006 TJ with a 6" lift and 37" tires. I have recently replaced the tie rod ends and drag link. However, I now have an issue with my turn radius. I can turn to the left...
  10. M

    Tie rod won’t clear sway bar mounts

    So I bought this jeep the way it sits. Has heavy duty tie rods I’m not sure of the brand but the sway bar mounts on the axle were cut off when I bought it. I bought new ones but after installing I realized the drag link comes within half an inch of the coil spring mount so there’s no possible...
  11. R

    Wobble/Sway on ‘97 lifted TJ (not death wobble)

    I just purchased a lifted 1997 TJ and when driving it home I had a scary experience where the Jeep would steer side to side at speeds above 30 mph. It seemd to occur worse when I was not accelerating and braking seemed to make it worse as well. All that fixed it was a death grip on the...
  12. Dyl

    1997 TJ dry steering test (video link inside)

    Hi all, can you guys spot anything out of place in the steering system or does everything look good in the video?
  13. FlimFlam

    Chasing a popping noise

    So a couple of days ago I had the stoke of luck to avoid an accident but instead I had to smack into a curb going about 20-ish mph. Now I'm stuck with a popping noise that only happens when I make turns that movie the steering wheel more than 90 degrees (I promise it's not the track bar) after...
  14. 2006_LJ

    Does this 2006 TJ lower steering shaft look right?

    Is this gap suppose to be there on my lower intermediate steering shaft? trying to solve for a steering wheel play and noticed this beauty. It's right before where the shaft meets the steering box (Mercedes box I believe) If you are interested in see the play that I speak of, here it is...
  15. J

    Steering wheel play

    I recently replaced all the steering linkage and front end parts minus the ball joints on my 2002 TJ. It is driving fine down the road, but the shop we took it to wouldn't align it because of all the play on the steering wheel. I am new to working on Jeeps, this is the first one I've owned. Can...
  16. R

    Pulsating and Jerking Steering Wheel at Low Speeds

    I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 and recently whenever I turn at slow speeds, under 10 mph, the steering wheel pulsates /jerks until the wheel is straight. I checked the power steering fluid level and its a little low, about a half inch from the "add" line on the dipstick when cold. Any Ideas...
  17. Matthias13

    Painting new steering knuckles

    Got some new OEM steering knuckles to start working on replacing my steering set up. I want to get some paint on them before install, are there any parts of the knuckle that can't/shouldn't be painted? Any insight would be appreciated.
  18. Cheetokps

    Loose steering

    Hey guys, I have been tracking down loose steering on my Jeep. I have a large dead zone and it is very loose, it feels very unsafe on the highway. I have found that where my steering shaft goes into my steering box, there is a lot of play and no movement in the pitman arm. I slightly tightened...
  19. Matthias13

    Funky Replacement Steering Knuckle

    I'm redoing my steering and unfortunately have to replace the knuckles to do it. I ordered a pair of Crown Automotive replacements and a couple of the holes seem to be drilled off center? I've never paid close enough attention to the OEM knuckles but I'd think the TRE hole for the steering...
  20. Jrc4055

    Is my power steering pump leaking?

    Hey all, I spent my weekend replacing what I thought was a leaky AC compressor. Well...The leak is still there, and I need your help finding the culprit. I'm wondering if its the Power Steering Pump for a couple reasons: 1. There is oil pooling on the top of the AC compressor and dripping down...