1. Dawnikens

    Checklist for Steering Issues?

    Hey all, first time poster here. I drive a 2004 4.0 LJ with 32" or sumn tires and no lift yet (I'm in college and barely working currently). I am aware of some rubbing from the tires. What my issue has been is that on occasion when I will be making a tight turn, it will completely lock up on me...
  2. MountaineerTom

    SOLD Teraflex Steering Box Skid

    Installed for about 3 years. Replaced with an aluminum version. No big scrapes on it.
  3. TJustin

    SOLD Rusty's Offroad Inverted T Steering

    For sale is a Rusty’s Offroad Inverted T steering setup. It will fit on XJ ZJ MJ TJ YJ. It has been on my Jeep for a number of years but isn’t daily driven and doesn’t see road salt etc. in excellent condition. Within the last year the tie rod and drag link were disassembled, sandblasted and re...
  4. TJustin

    SOLD Steering knuckles (setup for OTK)

    For sale is a pair of TJ knuckles that have been setup for over the knuckle steering. (OTK) Knuckles were converted less than a year ago and have been sandblasted and repainted using steel-it paint. Only selling because I am going to a different axle and steering setup. Please see my other...
  5. kalmairn

    Uneven Steering

    I'm experiencing a little strangeness with the steering. Somewhere over 10-15mph, the steering gets "uneven." To the right, it feels normal - firm, consistent as you turn the wheel. To the left, as you turn the wheel, it has an initial hit, then a "drop" in feel and response, a "dead spot"...
  6. JTJ1999

    New steering for swapped-in Dana 44

    So I recently bought a currie currentlync steering system to install on my 1999 Jeep TJ. Only problem is my front and rear axles are not stock. The front axle is a narrowed dana 44 that I believe to be from an F-150/250. I thought this would be no big deal as I simply bored out the knuckles and...
  7. Deanco

    Steering component broke—not sure how to fix

    Hi fellow jeepers I've been out on a lot of trails recently and had an issue this evening. I am not sure what this component is called but wanted to see if anyone has had to replace this. Basically this happened when I had gotten done with a trail and still on a dirt road. The steering...
  8. Yuan

    2006 LJ mild wobble at 55-60 mph

    2006 LJ drives smooth until it hits 55 mph, at which point it starts to have a subtle wobble on the steering wheel. The wobble gets a bit more pronounced as it hits 60. Once accelerated beyond 60, it disappears and gets smooth again. Same thing with deceleration--noticeable at 60(but never too...
  9. Bennythebull

    Time for a new steering gear box?

    Hey guys. Most of the time I see steering gear issues it’s related to leaking. Well so far I don’t have any leaks, but damn do I have a lot of slop (see video). I adjusted the lash and it did not fix the problem. Is this steering gear gone? The u-joints are brand new MOPAR, and the play is at...
  10. CMERC

    Shake while towing

    Hello all, I used a trailer yesterday for the first time with my 06 TJ. I have never experienced any wobble or death wobble symptoms before and can usually even go 75 on the highway with steering holding true and no issues at all. Yesterday on the way out to Home Depot with the trailer I had...
  11. 2005 TJ

    Creaking / snapping noise while turning slowly and squeal coming from rear

    SOS I’m replacing the sway bar links and drivers inner tie rod end and left outer. I want to replace the pitman arm and drag link as well since I’m having a creaking issue when turning slowly and the steering wheel is a bit loose/crooked. But not sure if this is a good idea? Or even necessary...
  12. Schwifty Rich

    Wear on collar of u-joint ears

    Today I noticed some unusual wear on my driver side hub. The u joint seems to be running on the collar during turns I thinking. I haven’t ripped anything apart...Yet, but I’m wondering if it’s simply a u joint issue or something more. I have been rolling around without a front drive shaft for a...
  13. EZ_Wrangler

    Steering Geometry

    So been reading a lot of different threads lately (big thanks to everyone who contributes regularly). I've been having issues with front end vibrations. Not the DW, but a violent up and down shake between 34-45 MPH - only on acceleration. Let off and it rolls smooth. Braking has no issues. But...
  14. T

    Do I need a new steering shaft on a 4 inch suspension lift and 3 inch body lift?

    I have a 03 TJ with a 4 in suspension and 3 in body lift. My upper u joint slipped off on a trail ride the other day and i am going to replace it asap. Do I need a longer shaft or can I get an OEM replacement?
  15. ImpactOrange

    SOLD Power Steering Pump - $50 shipped

    Came out my 06 @ approx 70k miles. Was in good working condition when removed. I upgraded to a PSC unit.
  16. A

    5/8 HEIM steering to OEM

    Hey guys! I have a situation where I bought my TJ and had the whole death wobble situation so I thought going with a HEIM steering kit would help and it did not if anything made it worse. So I want to go back to OEM but I have a limited amount of money. The HEIM steering kit has 5/8 bolts so I...
  17. Schwifty Rich

    Help with drag link length

    Ok while putting the front end back together after doing the u joints and ball joints I went to attach my drag link and the stud was turning with the nut. Soo I needed to replace the drag link.. what I discovered was the PO installed a beefier one than stock and that meant I needed a new...
  18. R

    Steering issue: Clock spring maybe?

    I recently noticed when backing out of my driveway a little resistance with a grinding noise when turning the wheel. I’ve identified the best I can that it’s not coming from the engine bay. The sound is coming from the steering column. If straight ahead the wheel is at 12:00 on a dial, the...
  19. andy29847

    The Cure stock Wrangler steering

    I bought the "Cure" for my stock steering and never installed it. I replaced my stock tie rod and drag link with Currie items. It cost me $19 plus $9.50 shipping. Will ship to you in CONUS for $14. Contact through this website please.
  20. Jon Wildes

    Jeep pulling left and right

    When i bought my jeep it would pull left and right constantly and with great gusto. I swapped out the track bar and then i put on Currie Correctlync steering. i have also now put on Currie control arms. every step of the way has reduced the amount of pulling a great deal and significantly...