1. DeltaNu1142

    Headless audio: Bluetooth, amp, phone calls

    I know this has been done--I'd love to see your examples. For awhile I've been planning to install a CarPlay-capable, camera-enabled double-DIN head unit. Hook that up to a compact 4-channel amp, upgrade speakers, and add a powered sub & you've got a system to compete with the wind and road...
  2. JasonC

    TJ Stereo Upgrade

    Hello Everyone, I am planning on upgrading the sound system in my '03 TJ. I want to use the Polk DB 522s to the dash and Polk DB 652s to the sound pods as well as use the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD powered sub in my setup with the factory head unit. I really want to keep the factory head unit...
  3. D

    Recommendations for Upgrading Stereo & Speakers

    I just bought a 2000 Wrangler. I love it but unfortunately only the drivers front dash speaker works. The passenger side does not neither does the sound bar up top. I simply want to be able to play music / podcasts from my phone, and have the speakers work. I’m a teacher on a budget, so I’d like...
  4. B

    Colorado Complete stereo head unit bezel speakers and pods

    Full jeep wrangler tj LJ 1997-2006 stereo Sony CDX-GT3000 head unit with bezel mount and stereo side wiring harness. Qty. 2 front infinity speakers 4x6 with speaker pods and factory connector Qty. 2 infinity reference 6502ix 180w pp 6.5” with bezels and grille. Everything works great. Will...
  5. Ace Ford

    Stereo installation kit that works?

    Howdy, I really need some suggestions for a good single din stereo mounting kit that will actually HOLD the stereo in place. I've tried two so far and pretty much one good bounce and the stereo comes loose in the rack. The factory rack was broken so I tried replacing it with a couple of...
  6. D

    Virginia Sony head unit

    I had this head unit in for about a year. It works fine. I switched it out with a touch screen. It has sub outputs. I had it powering 4 kicker speaker and the center console sub that I changed out with a kicker. The wire harness needed for a TJ is already attached. So is the install kit...
  7. SSTJ

    SOLD Basic Upgrade Stereo Equipment

    This should be a good setup for anyone wanting to take a first step in upgrading their stereo equipment. Would prefer to sell together, but will split up if necessary. Sony MEX-N5300BT head unit. Very good condition. Comes with wiring harness, remote control, and wired mic, as shown in pics...
  8. Project Billd

    How to Install a Double DIN Head Unit and New Speakers in a Jeep TJ

    I recently bought a 2004 Rubicon TJ (my dream car) and made a few videos about it. One of the first things I did was to upgrade the head unit and speakers.
  9. J

    SOLD $1400 New in the box Insane Audio TJ 1002 stereo, Blue tooth, GPS and TV too! $850

    Complete Insane Audio system, new in the box! And, it comes with a lifetime warranty, even though you didn't buy it from the factory or a dealer. This Insane Audio system fits right in the TJ Jeep Wrangler dash and plugs into the existing factory radio wiring harness. Super easy install. It is...
  10. S

    Replacing the factory sound system

    Looking to replace the stock stereo on 2006 X. Full disclosure - I've never had a stereo swapped out in any vehicle before so I'm a noob. Not looking to upgrade speakers, just the stereo deck area with the AM/FM and single CD. Possibly something with Sirius XM? I really have no clue what...
  11. HolePounder

    What are the factory stereo power specs for a 2002 TJ?

    I was just wondering what the power specs are for the ‘02 factory stereo. Looking to upgrade and I want to make sure I am well above the factory watts.
  12. O

    Whats the best OEM radio I can put in my 2004 TJ?

    Hello, After looking through the forums I know some similar questions have been asked, but specifically I'd like to know what the best OEM radio is that will fit in my '04 Jeep. Currently my stock radio is the RBK unit, with the 22 pin connector on the back (as well as disc changer port and...
  13. Pullski

    California Sony Single DIN Stereo

    My fellow Jeepers, I have a Sony Xplod single DIN for sale. Model CDX-GT200. It came out of a previous ride and worked very well; I just no longer have a use for it. Some info from Crutchfield: It sounded great when I...
  14. CryptoYeets

    Adding a factory subwoofer and amp to an '05 SE with an aftermarket system?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this So my Jeep didn't have a factory Sub/Amp, nor the full Center Console. I recently bought a center console with all the factory subwoofer & amp stuff included, being a broke college student, I was wondering if I'm able to wire...
  15. DougB

    SOLD Stock radio from 2000 TJ - FREE just pay shipping

    Cleaning out the garage and came across my old stock stereo from my 2000 TJ. Removed in 2007-2008 and stored. FREE just pay shipping of $14.35 for USPS flat rate, medium box, priority mail. Free local pickup in Round Rock, TX if you're in the area. Fits 1997-2002 TJs only. 2003-2006 Jeep...
  16. MattFogel

    Questions about stereo, speaker, and possibly a subwoofer / amp install

    Alright, Boys. I know alot of you have upgraded your sound systems. I have a few questions for anyone who has made some upgrades. So Im looking to replace all 4 speakers and put in a sub/amp in my 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ. 1. I am a amateur trail rider. I go back country but im not trying to...
  17. Steel City 06

    Bussmann Auxiliary Fuse and Relay Module Installation

    The following is a brief writeup of how to install a Bussmann auxiliary relay and fuse panel into a Jeep or any other vehicle. If there is any interest in this topic, please respond and I would be happy to go into more detail on how these boxes work or how to install them. Ask any questions...
  18. waltsc13655

    6 1/2" speakers for dash?

    I was told there is a way to modify a TJ to get 6 1/2" Speakers to replace the factory 4x6 speakers. Has anyone done this and can you explain the best way to do this with pictures?
  19. Johnnyswell

    06 LJ sub / amp wiring help

    Hey guys, I know there are a bunch of threads around on the web about this but I can't find any specific detail on how to wire this correctly. I have the factory console sub and factory amp that I'm assuming went because the sub is basically not working now. I'm looking to upgrade the system to...
  20. UnrestrictedPilot

    2003-2006 Sound Pod / Bar Speaker Upgrade with Sound Deadening

    Hello Everyone! I have a background in electrical systems and building them so my first build thread has to be about something I know. Anyways for those of you out there that have the 2003-2006 Sound Pods instead of the sound bar, here is a way to upgrade the sound in them and its not very...