track bar

  1. Brenna R.

    Help Identifying Pitman Arm and Track Bar

    A few questions. I am fairly positive that my Jeep has a dropped pitman arm. What I am trying to figure out is if the track bar the PO installed requires the dropped pitman arm. The lift is a 5” lift and from reading other threads I can still run a stock pitman. Is 5.5” the max for a stock...
  2. aeyler94

    JKS Trackbar 126 vs 128

    Planning on upgrading to the JKS trackbar however I'm having trouble determining the difference between the OGS126 and OGS128? All I can find is that: 1) 126 uses the tapered cone and 9/16 bolt, while the 128 uses 5/8 bolt 2) 126 is for 1"-3.5" while 128 is for 2.5+ lift Am I missing anything...
  3. bbiggyz

    Ball joint kit recommendation

    Hey there, went for an alignment today and was told I needed new ball joints and tie rod ends. Quoted $1,200 figured I'd do it myself. I found this kit at 1A Auto which had basically everything and more for $160, and even found a guy near me selling a similar kit for $100 still in the box. I...
  4. Mcnenc1

    JKS front adjustable track bar bolt size

    Does anyone know the correct bolt size for the passenger side JKS front adjustable TB?? My stock bolt broke at 110 lbs of torque along with the lead nut. I’m looking for a better fit I’ve attached some photos for better understanding thanks
  5. Mcnenc1

    Death wobble to small wobble?

    I know this question had been beaten too many times but I’m having trouble and can not find a solid answer... Going 70mph in sunny hot Florida I hit a pot hole and experienced full on death wobble. Cool. The same day I ordered a new track bar, steering stabilizer, tie rod, and drag link...
  6. 01TJ-Blues

    2001 Wrangler TJ Lift and Misc Other Parts

    I have a what I believe to be RC 4” Lift, using non adjustable lower control arms and adjustable upper rears, stock front arms, front and rear 4” springs, RC rear track bar and relocation bracket, stock front track bar, stock bump stops,misc bolts and nuts. Bushings are all in pretty good shape...
  7. Schwifty Rich

    Track bar replacement / steering upgrade

    Happy holidays all! While I was headed to my cousins last night I hit a pot hole and experienced my first death wobble... holy crap was that scary! I pulled off the road to check it all out really quick and that’s when I got my first Christmas surprise lol. The track bar snapped! I have a...
  8. Sparty

    Death wobble with new track bar

    Hi everyone, I am a new member to the forum and have owned my first TJ for about six months. Love the Jeep, but I’m having a serious problem with death wobble. After reading this forum and other sites it appears that the track bar is most likely suspect. I bought a new one today to install this...
  9. David Stephan

    Change pitman arm or track bar mount?

    After searching online for a definitive answer on dropped pitman arms with the Currie Currectlync I’m more confused than when I started. I know that the track bar and drag link should be parallel to get rid of bumpsteer but with my current set up I don’t get any bumpsteer at all. Unfortunately...
  10. fuse

    Stock Spring Swap Walk-Thru with Pics

    When I bought my 05 Sport, it had some deferred maintenance issues that the PO had ignored. One issue is that the ride was harsh and jittery, nothing like you'd expect from the relatively new RS9000X shocks the PO had installed. With some help from some really knowledgeable people on this...
  11. whagwan_ryan

    For Sale: Savvy Adj. CA's, Currie Rear Track Bar, 4" Currie Springs

    Hey everyone. I am planning to change up my Jeep's suspension and will be selling various components. I am looking to remove these from the Jeep in August and sell everything then so my rig won't be without legs for very long. All parts fit '97-'06 TJ's and are in great used condition. This is...
  12. Mason Canner

    I need a adjustable track bar

    HI everyone, I just lifted my jeep and now I have bump steer. So now Im looking for adjustable track bar. Do you guys recommend any good ones. I don´t want to spend a lot, I´m in high school lol
  13. Tj04

    Differential covers for Dana 30

    Hello, I searched a on few forums for this information and couldn't find it for a Dana 30 on a TJ but did find a few things on Dana 44 tj rubicon's, which struck me is irrelevant. My apologies if I missed this when searching. Running 30s, no lift yet, adjustable front and rear lower control...
  14. Jeepin

    Rear end movement

    I have a 97 Wrangler wih a 3" suspention lift and a 2" body lift. Rear of jeep seems to move around alot on uneven roads. Rear trac bar is still bolted in factory position. Im thinking trac bar needs to be lowered with a bracket to be more horizonal to stabilize the rear end. Can anyone advise...
  15. 4bangerwrangler

    Axle might be offset?

    Hey everyone, So, recently all 4 lug nuts on my back left tire became lose, shearing off the 5th stud along with the lug nut. As the mechanic was replacing the stud and lug nuts today, he noticed that the cup around the top of my spring hits my wheel (when lifted off the groud) while on the...
  16. Ahoragi

    MC t-bar question

    Does anyone know what lift heights the MC front trackbar is designed for? Will it work with 1.5" of lift? Just wondering....
  17. ellipsis

    Currie track bar and future lift

    Greetings to all I'm glad to join this forum and share information with you all. I own a lovely TJ 2001 Sahara (Manual). It came with 30" tires and I am pretty sure there is no lift installed. In near future I plan to buy a 3" to 4" liftkit (Currie, most probably) and bump it up to 33s...
  18. E

    Bushing removal

    I am new to this forum. I have a 2000 tj. I need advice on removing the old trac bar bushing on the front end. Thank you.
  19. Chris

    Currie Track Bar Relocation Bracket Question

    I'm running this with my Currie 4" lift: My question is, can the lower portion of it (the part that's supposed to be welded to the axle tube) be welded on while the axle is still in the tube and everything? I'm asking because I don't...
  20. Chris

    Currie Johnny Joint Front Track Bar (BRAND NEW)

    The all new and improved Johnny Joint® trac bar for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep Cherokee XJ and Jeep Comanche MJ features an offset Johnny Joint® rod end that puts the bar further forward providing more clearance between the diff and the trac bar. Other features include 1 1/4" x .250 wall 4130...