1. Weasellee

    Driveshaft U-Joint Question

    Driveshaft Universal Joint Part number Spicer 5-1310x or Spicer 5-153x Opinions and experiences please. Thanks
  2. Tim_with_the_tj

    Looks like I need a new front driveshaft

    Tore down the double cardan joint on my front driveshaft to rebuild it. Unfortunately it looks like I need a new driveshaft… The shaft is badly worn. You can easily feel all of the visible marks. The centering yoke has a small amount of play in the ball and socket joint. The retaining ring...
  3. Tim_with_the_tj

    U-joints: Did I do it right?

    Alright, this was my first time ever replacing u-joints so take it easy on me. Stock rear driveshaft. Does this transfer case side u-joint look too tight? It isn’t difficult to move at all. It just feels snug. Ignore the mess…wait for the end of video. I used the thinnest clips that were...
  4. Schwifty Rich

    Wear on collar of u-joint ears

    Today I noticed some unusual wear on my driver side hub. The u joint seems to be running on the collar during turns I thinking. I haven’t ripped anything apart...Yet, but I’m wondering if it’s simply a u joint issue or something more. I have been rolling around without a front drive shaft for a...
  5. Mcnenc1

    Squealing / metallic scraping noise when accelerating from 0-20 mph

    Fairly loud squealing/metallic scratching sounds ONLY when accelerating from 1mph to about 20mph after that it goes away. Only sounds in the back or maybe directly underneath me. If it’s raining it will never sound. Drive shaft and u joints are original could it be that??? I’m starting notice...
  6. odoyle

    U-Joint Strap Bolts Stripped

    Any recommendations on how best to remove stripped bolts on the u-joint strap? It's too tight to fit a socket or drill out, I'm thinking I may need to weld something on, but these bolts are kind of small to do that. These are on my front driveshaft, I just pulled the t-case to install an SYE and...
  7. ImpactOrange

    SOLD Two Spicer 5-760X U-Joints NIB $30 shipped

    New in box. Carried these as spares before I upgraded my front axle shafts that use a 5-760X U-joint.
  8. Chris

    What kind of lube should I use for my u-joints?

    Shortly after I had installed my Tom Wood front drive shaft, I came across an on-line forum thread that was started by a friend of mine. It dealt with his front CV drive shaft rebuild. Somewhere along the line, the discussion got around to u-joint grease and what was appropriate for the...
  9. David Overbay

    Axle u joint replacement

    So one of my axle joints is wore plumb out. Now I'm reaching our to you guys for some help. I know how to replace them kinda but looking for a helping hand in how to make it easier and some guidence. All help is apreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Chris

    U-Joint Inspection

    How do you know when that u-joint is bad? Is it about to go....will it go the next time out on the trail? Who knows? No one really does, but you can play the percentages a bit and figure out when it may be time to take a look at the u-joints on your vehicle. I do know that doing u-joint...
  11. Chris

    Front driveshaft u-joint part number?

    I understand that my 05 Rubicon uses a 1330 u-joint on the front driveshaft, is that correct? If so, what is the spicer part number for a replacement u-joint? Preferably an upgraded one if possible. 5-760X, or will that not fit?
  12. TJDave

    Harbor Freight U-Joint Tool Trick

    If you have read some of the other axle or drive shaft articles on this site, you have probably noticed that I use one of those hand little Harbor Freight (HF) U-Joint tools (they also do ball joints quite well too!) After having used one for more than a year, I ran into a u-joint task while...
  13. TJDave

    U-Joint Replacement

    I had picked up a set of D-30 inner and outer axle shafts from a friend in California when we wheeled the Rubicon together. Having gone to 35" tires during my last lift, I thought it would be prudent to carry a set, "just in case". It seems that when an axle u-joint goes, it often times takes...