1. DeltaNu1142

    2005 LJR Flame Red

    OK, my TJ journey started today. It's been a long day, so this will be pretty short. I may or may not get into it some other time, but I started the buying process of this Jeep in October of last year. I picked it up today with 147,502 miles. It's a 2005 LJ Rubicon 6spd... a rare rust-free...
  2. TRevs

    Colorado OEM LJ soft top, Frame ONLY

    Frame is (I’m 99% sure) OEM factory from a 2005 LJ. Purchased from a forum member in order to acquire his factory Dark Khaki fabric. He stated he is the original owner and his Jeep came from the factory with the dual tops, but he never used the soft top in Idaho. Sunrider feature and...
  3. G

    Can I adjust pinion angle with OEM drive shaft on 06 LJ Rubi?

    Hi guys, I’ve searched with no answer…I’m ready to adjust the rear pinion angle on my 06 Rubi LJ with a 4” lift and OEM driveshaft but JKS says their track bar relocation bracket can only be used with a double cardan drive shaft. Is there any reason if I have adjustable control arms, shock...
  4. Sgt Jarhead

    SOLD 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

    Wife and I are looking at buying her a truck and will be selling her 2012 Unlimited… posted on my local marketplace though anyone here can take her for $24,000. Not on the JK forums or I’d post it there 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/367320348619770/
  5. jbzhow

    SOLD 2006 Rubicon Unlimited LJ Hardtop Auto 40,000K miles For Sale in Atlanta GA

    Hello TJ forum members - I'm selling my 2006 LJ due to lack of use and the fact that while I have loved owning it for the past 4 years, the wife hates it. The other thing is that I don't use it like it wants to be used. It's happiest up in the N Ga mountains crawling around on stuff and flying...
  6. PanAmLJ23

    SOLD Red 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ 6 Speed

    Hey guys I'm selling my 6 speed 05 LJ. I've owned it 2 years as of last week. I recently smogged it and the registration is paid. Why am I selling? I'm going back to school so the proceeds go toward that. The Jeep's been really good to me. I've never wheeled it. I obviously had plans for it but...
  7. Ninjallammas

    Louisiana 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for $16,500 OBO

    6-speed manual transmission 2006 Jeep Wrangler 2D Unlimited LWB / LJ for sale. 147,000 miles. In excellent mechanical condition. Full size spare tire. Includes factory hardtop and factory soft-top. New spark plugs and coils. Transmission serviced at 100,000 miles. Only 12,000 miles on...
  8. bfrenchsea

    SOLD 2005 TJ Unlimited (LJ) Rubicon - 66k miles

    Two doors just don't cut it anymore with gettin' kids in and out of the backseat! Selling my 2005 LJ Rubicon; 4.0L engine; 6-speed manual transmission; 66,672 miles - $26,000.00 This rig has 3.5" Rock Krawler short suspension lift; Metal Cloak Overland tube fenders; Poison Spider Hood Louvers...
  9. Clocktower07

    SOLD *SOLD* - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) - 61k

    *SOLD* I tried to like the 42RLE, but I think I'd be much happier with a stick...so here we are in the "for sale" section! This jeep spent most of its life in the deserts of California/Arizona and the body and frame are in great shape. There are a few spots of patina on the skid plates...
  10. E

    SOLD LJ Mini Boatside Rockers w/ backing plates - Genright

    Wrecked my 06 LJ before I could get these on. My loss is your gain. Sliders, backing plates and all hardware included.
  11. RangerRick

    California 2009 JK Rubicon 4-door in So. CA $19,500

    Things are changing we may sell the JKUR so anyone interested in So. CA for a JKUR she is for sale. 2009 JK Unlimited Rubicon Edition. Black on Black Two tone slate grey on black interior Dual tops HT & soft top Nav stereo w/subwoofer Tow receiver Smittybuilt F & R bumpers with tire swing out...
  12. hubiedoobie

    Rhode Island 2006 Wrangler Unlimited

    Hi all! 2006 Wrangler 76k miles on the 4.0l. Automatic. I bought it 6 years ago when it only had 15k. It came with a 2.5" Teraflex lift and some other suspension upgrades but was never off-roaded. We've been driving it lightly ever since. It really drives great. Soft top is original and has...
  13. Fulton_Hogan

    LJ Coil Spring Quagmire

    I've been through entries on this subject here, and I think every other Jeep/offroad/suspension forum I can find online, and I grow ever more confused. So I'm asking anyone who has gone through this drill to chime in. Please. The Background: Last year I bought a 2005 TJ Unlimited, or a LJ...
  14. aaronzachary

    2005 LJ Rubicon Manual - 115k Miles and Great Shape

    Up for grabs is my Rubicon LJ - this is one of the cleaner TJ/LJ I think you'll find this side of the Mississippi. Jeep made very few manual Rubicon LJ's, and even fewer in red. This Jeep has been my daily - it rides really smoothly, even in the 65-80mph range, between the longer wheelbase...
  15. C

    SOLD LJ 2 piece hardtop w/ sunroof

    I’m selling the 2 piece hardtop off my 06 LJ because my motorcycle was recently stolen and I need to recoup some money from that. The top is in great shape, all the edges that are usually damaged on hardtops are pristine. It’s a 2 piece rallytop hardtop made of fiberglass. It’s a lot lighter...
  16. T

    Black unlimited hardtop for $250

    Just saw someone share this in a facebook group, looks like its in good shape! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/764117464414875/
  17. Spencer C

    High pinion Dana 30 front axle build for LJ

    Happy Quarantining everyone! In order to celebrate being in the house all the time, I want to get started on a High Pinion Dana 30 front axle build to swap into my 2004 LJ. There is a 1995 Cherokee at the Pick N Pull near me. Might stroll over there to see if the front axle is still there. Am I...
  18. P

    SOLD 2006 LJ Rubicon For Sale (TJ Unlimited) - 6 Speed Manual

    Purchased August 2016 with about 119,000 mi has about 124,500 mi now - Added: Front Bumper, rear bumper, spare tire holder, Smittybilt X2O 10,000 lb winch (all in 09/16), Smittybilt bikini top (summer 2017), LED headlights and dash lights, seat risers, LED light cubes, Uniden CB radio (all...
  19. phert68

    2005 LJ Rubicon Pricing

    Hello everyone, I will be listing my LJ for sale in the next couple of weeks. The Jeep is clean, no rust, and very good interior. It has 84,xxx miles and runs great. It's not perfect and I would like some opinions as to whether or not I should complete some repairs prior to sale: It has some...
  20. evharris7

    SOLD 2005 Unlimited LJ 4.0 6-speed in PA

    $10,000 obo 2005 Jeep Unlimited LJ 4.0 inline 6 6 speed manual transmission 159k miles Grey Hardtop Roof Rack Thule Roof Basket Soundbar Pods Pioneer speakers Sony CD Player w/ Aux input 2.5” OME lift JKS front adjustable track bar JKS rear adjustable track bar American Racing 17” Wheels BF...