1. vermonster

    '03 TJ Trans/T-Case Vibration during Acceleration

    I have a 2003 Jeep TJ 4.0L V6 5-speed manual. Roughly 70k miles, heavily off-roaded. Modifications: 4.5" long arm Rough Country lift 33" tires SYE on rear driveshaft Tom Woods custom front driveshaft (currently removed) Stock Dana 30 Front / Dana 35 Rear with 4.10 gears, and an Aussie/lunchbox...
  2. Pert Near

    Trouble with severe vibration 25-50 mph

    I've been chasing this since I bought the LJ last October. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Actions tires, caster, pinon angle, upgraded to RPM drag link, track bar, and tie rod. The LJ drives better than when I bought it but still has a vibration...
  3. H

    Vibration at 50 mph

    Im sorry if there is an answer in here because I know there are a ton of these issues with Jeeps, but mine is pretty specific. So my Jeep shakes in the steering wheel between 50 and 55. It does not shake before or after that, and I am able to manage it for the most part. Only a couple times...
  4. B

    Violent vibrations felt when accelerating, shakes entire transmission

  5. C

    97 TJ rear end grinding / vibration

    Alright I’m pretty new to differentials and anything to do with rear ends really so any advice I could get would be much appreciated. Long story short about 2 days after hitting the trails my 97 TJ started having some serious grinding and vibration issues coming from the rear end. I just opened...
  6. Emmyg2023

    Jeep Wrangler TJ shakes when I go above 40 mph

    Hey! Do any of you guys know why my Tj jeep wrangler feels like it’s shaking/vibrating when I go above 40mph. The shake feels like when you are in an airplane and there’s turbulence. You can only feel the shake in the inside of the jeep but on the outside it looks normal.
  7. Liro

    Lowering Transfer Case

    I'm looking for temporary solutions to reducing vibrations of the 4" lift of my 1997 TJ. I believe it is a 4" rough country lift kit with probably 1" body lift and 3" suspension lift. Would I be able to drop the transfer case more than an inch? I was imagining that the vibrations would reduce...
  8. L

    Rubicon driveshaft vibes

    I have a 2005 Rubicon with a 4 inch lift (probably Rough Country). The transfer case is lowered one inch, probably from Rough country too. All from the PO. There is vibration at around 70 MPH. It's done this since I bought it and It seems to be getting worse. I will be checking pinion...
  9. ThomasFletch

    Is an SYE and DC driveshaft install worth it?

    From what I have read on the forum here, the 2.5” lift can cause vibes and varies from TJ to TJ. The problem I am currently having is a shudder/vibration that lasts only a second from a hard acceleration. Smooth acceleration appears to be fine. That being said, I am 90% sure that my issue will...
  10. S

    Chasing a vibration for 1 year

    I've owned my 2001 Jeep TJ for almost a year now. It's a 6 Cylinder with 170k miles and 3-Speed Automatic Transmission. When the Jeep is at a full stop and I put it in Drive or Reverse the shaking/vibration is so bad I can barely see out of the mirrors. When it's in park or neutral there is...
  11. Unitize

    Wobble and Vibration

    Hello all, I recently had my Jeep at the shop for a harsh vibration when coming to a stop and the steering wheel wobbles when at around 40-45. While it doesn’t happen every time I drive, the wobble has become death wobble where I lose all control and have to come to a stop for it to go away...
  12. S

    97 Wrangler sounds like a wooden rollercoaster

    I've got a 97 Wrangler with a 4.0L in it, and haven't had to many issues, but the guy who owned it before me definitely ran it rough. Had a few pieces cracked and the frame certainly has been through a lot, but overall it's been a pretty reliable car. Until recently. I noticed after driving...
  13. jmess

    Vibration from 55-60 MPH

    My friend is telling me to post this(he doesn't have good access to the internet) so response time might be a little slow. He has an 05 Jeep TJ X with 4spd It's not really modded, but it has is a 1" body mount lift. He was experiencing steering wheel wobble from 40+ for a little over a month so...
  14. H

    Vibration after 2" Rough Country lift install

    Hey y'all, I've read tons on this site about solutions, but I'm still not clear about it. My 2000 4.0L Sahara automatic drove flawlessly. I had a local shop install RC longer springs and new shocks for a 2" lift. They also mounted 32" X 11.5" Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tires on 15x8 rims...
  15. B

    Vibration while accelerating

    I have a 97 TJ 4.0 with a manual trans I was driving and went around a corner then put it into second gear to accelerate and had my rear driveshaft pop from the furthest rear u-joint. I later replaced the u-joint and got everything back together only to find that I now have a shake when...
  16. P

    Noise, shaking, and mild vibrations at speeds above 40 mph

    Hi, I recently purchased a Jeep Wrangler TJ 6cyl 1998 with 160k miles on it. Some percentage of miles were from being towed with RV by the previous owner. I'm new to Jeep TJ and while purchasing I did not take it too fast to be able to realize the issues related to noise, shaking and vibrations...
  17. Mora

    Something loose in catalytic converter?

    2005 Jeep 4.0L 65k miles. I attached a video of it. I can’t tell if it’s just vibrations or if it’s something else. Really only started happening after a 1 hour drive to the beach. When I’m driving I feel like I also hear it but that could just be me overthinking.
  18. EZ_Wrangler

    Steering Geometry

    So been reading a lot of different threads lately (big thanks to everyone who contributes regularly). I've been having issues with front end vibrations. Not the DW, but a violent up and down shake between 34-45 MPH - only on acceleration. Let off and it rolls smooth. Braking has no issues. But...
  19. CherylPertuch

    Vibration at highway speeds still

    Hello everyone! I'm at a dead end with my TJ. First off, I'll list my set up: 2003 Rubicon Tomb Raider 6" Rough Country Long Arm Lift Rough Country HD Steering Upgrade 33" Faulken ATW3 Tires So after doing a 1" Transfer Case drop replacing both driveshafts (SYE)/U joints, new axle bearings...
  20. O

    Mystery vibration

    Hey everyone, I’ve got an incredibly hard to find rubbing/grinding noise coming from my ‘02 TJ. My Jeep has been taken to 4 Jeep/off-road specialist who can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from even after looking at it for hours. They initially said it was the Transfer Case which I had rebuilt but...