1. S

    Is there a market for factory 15 inch wheels?

    Is there a market for reselling stock wheels? Or should I just chuck them?
  2. P

    Refinished OEM wheels turned out so nice!

    I’m so happy with how my refinished OEM wheels came out. Got these free wheels and went at em for two days. Check out the before and after.
  3. tommyphilbertson1973

    What smoothie steel wheels can fit a stock axle?

    What smoothie steel wheels can fit a stock axle? I’m going for a vintage look on my 99. Looking for a 15x10” wheel. I’m looking for something similar to this, but this site doesn’t have a vehicle fitment option.
  4. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD Pro Comp MT 33’s For Sale/Trade

    I’ve got a set of four Pro Comp Xtreme MT’s, size 33x12.50R15LT. They have decent tread on them, sidewalls in good condition. Black wheels also in great shape. For sale for $400 or also looking to trade for stock TJ wheels and 31” tires. NOTE: 3 of the tires have the white lettering on the...
  5. badidea

    California Wheels/Tires - For Sale

    Believe it or not, I actually went down a size and don't need these anymore. I ended up replacing them with some 15's and and threw on some mud tires. The tires have plenty of tread left and are only a few years old. I'm looking to get rid of them for $200 each. If you're in the area and are...
  6. U

    Any advantage of getting Fuel Vapor wheels over Pro Comp 69s?

    I have a 4cy re geared 06 tj. Trying to decide on wheels. Any advantage of getting the fuel vapors or the pro comp 69’s?
  7. A

    WTB: Wanted: TJ 65th Anniversary Alcoa Wheels

    Hey - I am looking for a set of the five 65th Anniversary Alcoa Wheels. Hoping this could be a good starting point - I know they will be tough to find.
  8. Justanotherjeepguy

    White wheels: cool or lame?

    I really dig the look of classic overland vehicles, like older Jeeps and Land Rover Defenders. They have simple industrial-looking wheels with a colored finish—which sometimes match the paint. The tires are narrow and don’t stick out from the fenders much, if at all. I’ve been tossing around...
  9. 02GreenTJ

    California 5 32x11.50 R15 ko2 Canyon Wheels and random stock parts

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/wto/d/pacifica-32x1150-r15-bfg-ko2/7136567588.html I recently bought some 33s for my TJ, so I'm selling the 32 ko2s and would let them go to a forum member for 200 about 50% life remaining. Also have some Canyons that I'd let go for 100 but the finish isn't...
  10. GreenKnight

    Tires or Wheels to Remove Need for Wheel Spacers

    Hello! I have a (convoluted) problem similar to this thread on narrow tires. Please let me know if you can help me figure out my options! My '97 TJ has: - a 2" suspension lift - OEM gambler wheels (15x8; 5.25" backspacing; +19mm offset) - 31x10.50 R15 LTX A/T Michelin tires...
  11. mynamesrickgrimes

    Maryland (5) Michelin 245/75R17 Tires LIKE NEW w/ Mopar Black Wheels

    For sale is a set of (5) Michelin LTX M/S2 tires in size 245/75R17. Coming off a Jeep Wrangler JL...these tires are in absolute like new condition with only a couple hundred miles of use. Comes with all TPMS sensors and equipped with black MOPAR wheels. Located in Baltimore MD area
  12. 01TJ-Blues

    Idaho Steel Wheels with TMI Beadlocks

    Timing is everything. I welded up a set of the TMI Beadlocks on my 15X8.5 steel wheels an a couple months later scored a set of Walker Evans aluminum Beadlocks. That said I’m selling off the steel wheels and swapping over. They wheels are great, they air down nicely, balanced nicely, but I’ve...
  13. Tim Nash

    Missouri Mammoth I polished wheels for sale

    I have two 15x8 wheels. Sold the project and never did buy the other 2. 573-880-2041
  14. T

    North Carolina Wheels and tires

    Bridgestone dueler all terrain — 255\70 r18 (less than 5000 miles) 18inch chrome and granite accent stock Jeep jl Sahara wheels 5 spoke (with Willy’s Jeep Easter egg) Taken off 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL
  15. Steelrides

    Rim Width for 35x12.5 tires

    I'm looking to change from Load E 315/75R16 tires to a Load C tire and looking for help with all the variables. What size rims are you running on a TJ with Load C 35's? These 16" Load E tires came on it when I purchased it. Seems there aren't many (if any) 16" Load C rated tires, so I'm...
  16. T

    Wheels, backspacing, tires, and fenders... oh my

    So I know there's a lot of questions on here about regarding wheels, backspacing, tires and fenders on here but I thought I would just run this by you guys before I make a purchase. I'm planning on getting a set of all terrains tires and 15" steel wheels. My current tires are nice for my daily...
  17. 01TJ-Blues

    Tires: What size, what brand, and why?

    What tire size, brand and what your normal usage is and do you like them. I’m running the Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 in a 33X12.5X15 on a 15X8.5 steel wheel. They seem ok but don’t work as well as expected in snow and are wearing super quick.
  18. Hobbes62

    SOLD Jeep Wrangler Canyon Wheels and 31 in. Tires

    Hello, I am selling a set of 5 Jeep Wrangler Canyon wheels with tires. Tires on four of the wheels are Radial West Lake 31 X 10.5 R15s (35 percent life left) Spare Tire is an original new Goodyear Wrangler 30 X 9.5 R15 (New) Please call or text me at 2088718823 if interested. $250 OBO will...
  19. alpineovernappa


    5 OEM Ravine wheels (similar to Canyon, but mostly came on the LJ). All 5 in very good to excellent shape. 4 have no tires mounted, 5th wheel still has a usable (maybe unused?) oem sized spare. No notable blemishes. All 5 come with centercaps. Located in 22003. Second picture of them is just to...
  20. Jeffreybomb

    Stock TJ Goodies

    Hi all! Doing some spring cleaning in the garage. I’ve got some stock items I wouldn’t mind parting with. Each of the items came off my ‘04 TJ X. All prices as marked/OBO. Local pick-up or you pay for shipping. Items are in good condition, just might need some cleaning due to being stored for a...