1. Cal

    Alabama Canyon wheels

    I’m about to receive new tires and wheels and am looking to sell a set of 5 Canyon wheels and a set of four 31x10.50 KOs with about 30% tread left. Make me an offer that’s not insulting.
  2. C

    SOLD 35x12.50r15 BFG KO2s for sale (or trade for 33s) - $450

    I have 4 35" ko2s with about half tread life. Load range C. They were produced on the 22nd week of 2015. I only bought them because they came with some wheels I wanted but I don't have the beef to run 35s at the moment so I'm wanting to sell or trade them. They don't have any dry rot, plugs, or...
  3. EugeneJeep

    SOLD Free stock steel wheels in Oregon!

    Set (5) of steel wheels off a 2000. Slight surface rust but structurally sound. No dents/bends. Local pickup only. Steeel of a deal!! -15x7 steel -5 on 4.5" bolt pattern -Backspacing = 5.5" -Offset = +38 mm
  4. Fouledplugs

    Beadlock wheels that are made in the USA

    It's not a stretch to say that people these days prioritize a low price point over quality, fit, and finish of a wheel. But for what it's worth, I thought I would start a thread listing high quality beadlock wheels that are made in the USA using domestic materials. Wheel manufacturers have...
  5. Robert Gessler

    Looking for general insight (TJ Overland build)

    Hi all! so I bought this jeep in august and I've been doing a solid amount of research into what I want to build it into and I've recently gotten into overlanding (look up expedition overland they're really cool) and now that the (high school) football season is about over I can start working...
  6. jazngab

    15” factory “Ecco” wheel

    I have 1 Ecco style factory wheel that was a spare. It’s in perfect condition. Tire could be replaced as it’s the original but never driven. $40 in the Philadelphia/Montgomery county area. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  7. MexiJeeper

    I want to paint my wheels

    Hey everyone, I want to paint the steelie rims on my Stone White TJ. Have to go rattle can. My problem is that buying the little 8 oz. Dupli Color paint is going to be too expensive. Has anyone tried an off the shelf white spray paint and had any success in the whites being close enough in...
  8. James Rowe

    Land Rover wheels on Jeep TJ?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever put Landrover Wheels on their Jeep TJ using wheel spacers. We found some really unique wheels for a Landrover Defender Calle LRI XTR1 but the bolt pattern is 5x165. I found a set of wheel adapters that are 5x114.3 to 5x165 which should convert the lugs...
  9. N

    JK rims on TJ?

    my dad has stock 2017 jku rims that i would love to run on my tj im wondering if it will fit height wise should be fine but isnt the tj botl pattern 4.5 and jku is 5.5? thank you in advance
  10. cclarke802

    03 TJ tire advice

    I have an 03 Sahara with the stock 15" aluminum wheels, I have installed a 2" suspension lift (I'm in Florida lets be honest we don't have any big rocks) what size tires can I get on my stock rims anyone have any experience with something similar?
  11. birge sigety

    Toyo Tires and Fuel 22s for sale

    I recently bought this great 2014 Jeep Sahara Unlimited. The prior owner just completed the lift and addition of these Toyo 37x13.50R22LT Open Country MT tires and Fuel FF02 22x14 Chrome Wheels with Dimples. I have 5 of each on the jeep. They have 500 miles on them and the spare is new. There...
  12. 4bangerwrangler

    Axle might be offset?

    Hey everyone, So, recently all 4 lug nuts on my back left tire became lose, shearing off the 5th stud along with the lug nut. As the mechanic was replacing the stud and lug nuts today, he noticed that the cup around the top of my spring hits my wheel (when lifted off the groud) while on the...
  13. Eddie Greenlee

    Bead locks vs standard wheels

    I need some advise please, I was wondering how far down can you safely let the air out of tires with bead locks vs standard wheels??
  14. L

    DIY Highline?

    Has anyone performed a diy highline to the stock tj fenders? I really want to do it just wanting to hear from someone that has done this.
  15. Chris

    16" Wheel Options?

    Curious to know if anyone out there is running 16" wheels, and if so what wheels you're running? I've been toying with the idea of replacing my stock Moab wheels, but I need a 16" to clear the Vanco big brake kit. In addition to that, I DO NOT want steel wheels! I've been looking at the Pro...
  16. TJDave

    Biggest tire you've seen on a TJ?

    What's the biggest size tire you've ever seen on a TJ that still utilizes the stock body / frame?
  17. J

    Help with some wheel dimensions please?

    I have stock moabs 16x8 and they have 5" BS. The wheels I was wanting were 17x9 with 4.5" BS. Comparing similar sized tires, how much would the 2nd example move the tire/wheel outwards? I was thinking 1" (.5" less BS, + half of the wheel's increased diameter) further out. So 1" but a DT rep...
  18. L

    Let's see your wheels!

    Just curious to see photos of your wheels on your TJ. Thought it might make for an interesting thread. Post your pictures! (I still have stock Moab wheels)
  19. L

    Proper backspacing for 285/75r16 tires?

    What is the proper backspacing for a 285/75r16 tire on a 2005 Rubicon? I am running the factory Moab wheels but I'm not sure with these size tires if it would be wise to go to a different 16" wheel with better backspacing?
  20. R

    Thoughts on 52 Rock Crawler Series Wheels?

    Stock 2000 Sahara and looking to put on some new tires and wheels. I'm looking at some 15x8 steel wheels with 3.75 backspacing by Rock Crawler Extreme Steel Wheels. Does anyone have experience with these? Thoughts? Thanks guys!