1. Unitize

    Wobble and Vibration

    Hello all, I recently had my Jeep at the shop for a harsh vibration when coming to a stop and the steering wheel wobbles when at around 40-45. While it doesn’t happen every time I drive, the wobble has become death wobble where I lose all control and have to come to a stop for it to go away...
  2. R

    Wobble/Sway on ‘97 lifted TJ (not death wobble)

    I just purchased a lifted 1997 TJ and when driving it home I had a scary experience where the Jeep would steer side to side at speeds above 30 mph. It seemd to occur worse when I was not accelerating and braking seemed to make it worse as well. All that fixed it was a death grip on the...
  3. Yuan

    2006 LJ mild wobble at 55-60 mph

    2006 LJ drives smooth until it hits 55 mph, at which point it starts to have a subtle wobble on the steering wheel. The wobble gets a bit more pronounced as it hits 60. Once accelerated beyond 60, it disappears and gets smooth again. Same thing with deceleration--noticeable at 60(but never too...
  4. CMERC

    Shake while towing

    Hello all, I used a trailer yesterday for the first time with my 06 TJ. I have never experienced any wobble or death wobble symptoms before and can usually even go 75 on the highway with steering holding true and no issues at all. Yesterday on the way out to Home Depot with the trailer I had...
  5. connorwfrench

    Help Upgrading LJ

    Hello all, I just got an 04 LJ with high miles, but one owner and it’s in very good condition with minimal rust. I’m a 20 year old kid who needs some help with upgrading. Im not gonna lie, I’m not going to take it off road nearly as much as I would like to, but I do not want a cheap setup that...
  6. 1Blacktj

    Steering wobble

    So I’m sure there’s forums on here about this but oh well. My problem is that when I’m driving around 45 or 50 and lightly turn the wheel, the steering wheel wobbles. It also does it while I brake from about that speed. Any ideas on what this may be? I just installed new shocks and got an...
  7. QPjeeping15

    Bump Steer and wobble diagnosis help

    https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/bump-steer-and-wobble-diagnosis.13388/ I accidentally posted this under the wrong topic. i would really appreciate the help Thank you
  8. R

    Wobble at 40-45 mph

    Just purchase a 2006 TJ with 101K miles. Runs well but at these speeds the steering wheel shakes badly. Had the dealer replace Tie rod, Drag Link, Steering Shock. Ball joints are tight or at least not needed at this time I believe. Am I looking at the right components or is it more...
  9. PStov98TJ

    Worn Out Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints

    So I've been having a slight shimmy and recently a clunk, when I hit bumps on the road, independent of speed. I don't think this is a tire balance issue, although I plan to have that checked out as well. I know it isn't a trackbar issue because I confirmed the torque on both bolts today. Both...
  10. Gabe

    Rear-end Wobble

    Hello, I have an '05 TJ Sport with a 2.5" lift on 31" tires. Everything was smooth at highway speeds until I washed my Jeep last Friday. After the wash I got back on the highway and the rear-end stared to wobble! Felt like a tamer version of death wobble, but on the rear. I thought something...
  11. Chris

    Diagnosing and Fixing Death Wobble

    Death Wobble is no mystery, it is caused by loose bolts, damaged components, or improper installation. Look at the picture below and follow along: First, the tie rod (yellow) has ends that attach to a knuckle on the driver side and the drag link on the passenger side. As you could imagine...