04 LJ pricing help

The market is awful right now. I would hold off on selling and hope things pick back up

I've noticed this around here. Had my sport for sale for a while. I have it priced a little high I think, but not as many hits as I would expect. Maybe in another month or so when it get's a little nicer weather.
The price seems reasonable. I always expect vehicles to be listed a little high so there is some room for negotiation. While your ad isn't bad it's certainly not "selling" the Jeep. As mentioned, remove the transfer case drop. The LJ can handle a 3 inch lift on the stock driveshaft. Grab a new antenna on Amazon. Detail the jeep inside and out paying attention to the underside and engine bay. Once cleaned get some decent spray on wax, a can of trim shine and go to town on making everything sparkle. The Jeep already looks clean so I doubt this will take you much more than an hour. While I hate shiny plastics on a day to day basis, for pictures it will make things stand out. It appears there is some damage to the drivers door. I would look in to paintless dent repair. I have it done a few times. The cost is not bad and the results have been excellent. Once the Jeep is prepped get some good photos. Write a new ad highlighting the Jeep and listing the differences and benefits of the LJ. Include that it is an 04 and does not have the OPDA or transmission control module issue that plagues the 05-06 models. Some buyers may not have any idea of the issues. While they are not as bad as the forums have made them out to be it may help sway someone who is newer to Jeeps. Winter time in northern states is not the prime time to sell a Jeep. Sales have historically picked up when summer is closer and people are looking for a fun outdoor vehicle. The good news is that TJ's have held their value very well. The downside is that they are now competing in the same price range with JK's several years newer. This makes the TJ buyer market a bit smaller as a purchaser will need to be looking for a TJ vs the newest Jeep in their price range. Lastly, as stated above, the Jeep market has seen a big downturn. Inflation has all but killed the market and the talk of a used car crash has many buyers either scared or feeling if they wait they will get a better deal. If your not in a hurry I'd keep the ad up and just be patient. Best of luck!
Rust free rig would easily sell for $18,000 to $20,000 in So Cal. Market for toys has taken a downturn. Muscle cars not selling well on bringatrailer. Maybe folks are tapped out.
Not many people want a Jeep in the winter. I think your price is reasonable but your timing is too early in the year. Wait for nicer weather and tax refunds to come in. Can’t have too many pictures especially the underside.
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Not really apples for apples as I am in CA. Bought my LJR for 19K about 8 months ago. One time owner, mostly stock other then 2” spacer lift, 32” tires, and winch. It came with OEM soft top and hardtop. Thinking of selling the hardtop.
I'm actually surprised you've had issues selling at that price..

Although something I started doing on Facebook Marketplace, a lot of times when I sell a vehicle I go DEEP into the description.
I pretend I am selling vehicles to my grandma, and word the description in a way that "non-Jeep" people can understand.
A short-pointed description such as a general listing of aftermarket parts doesn't do well for a lot of people who may otherwise be interested.

There is a LOT of interest from non-car people who read listings.
Currently, the listing is almost aimed at the 4x4/Jeep community, with little information that a 'normal' person would understand.
Throw some time into describing it well, so that people can get a well-rounded idea of the vehicle.

Some 'boring' stuff along the lines of:
does it drive well, how does it handle, does it burn oil, any leaks, any vibrations, etc.

You might be surprised at how much more interaction it gets.
My last TJ sold to a guy who had absolutely no idea what any of the parts were.
I stood in the driveway with him for an hour explaining the ZJ conversion, SYE, etc.

In the end, he understood what he was purchasing, and was excited to make the deal.

Short descriptions will catch the attention of Jeep/Offroad people.
Long 'boring' descriptions will catch the attention of the other 80%...
Agreed, it shouldn't need a transfer case drop.
It will need the trans pan skid modified.
Also, it looks like a lot of shock shaft showing.
Are the shocks the right length?
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Not many people want a Jeep in the winter. I think your price is reasonable but your timing is too early in the year. Wait for nicer weather and tax refunds to come in. Can’t have too many pictures especially the underside.
This time of year is great for buying and lousy for selling. Lose the transfer case drop, totally not needed on an LJ with that lift, and post it back up in late April or early may for $16k. It will sell much faster then.
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It will need the trans pan skid modified.

This is only for automatics, right? I am not done with my 3” lift but so far with the 6sp I am not noticing any mod to required for the skid. The instructions did say something about removing a front skid but I only have one skid.
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Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback. I think I will stick with the price at $15,900 for now. I'll work on the listing info and better pictures and see if that helps.
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