05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule


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Apr 25, 2024
Central CA
As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time.

I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do this at your own risk as I accept ZERO responsibility for what you do to your own vehicle. I have stumbled across a modified shift schedule through trial and error and I am exceptionally happy with how it turned out. You should figure out how to get to these screens in their software on your own before messing with anything.

This setup allows minimal throttle input to get up to speed. My Jeep has 4.88's and 35's. Before, it would drop into 4th right before 40mph and lug. I would know to give it some gas around 37 to keep it in 3rd. Downshifting back to 3rd took almost a flooring of the peddle and it would fight to get back to 4th ASAP. That's all gone now. I have it set up so it doesn't attempt to shift to 4th at all until around 47mph and it's quite easy to keep it from shifting if you want to hold it in 3rd. Where I live there are a lot of small hills. I set it up so if I'm going downhill if I take my foot off the gas it will go to 4th above 45mph. The peddle travel to get back to 3rd has been reduced so to get it back into the powerband is easy.

Also. I've set up the 123 shifts to hold longer. The 4.0 has off the line grunt, but starts making power after 2000 rpms. This pattern allow each successive gear to be in at the beginning of the powerband. The result is an improved driving experience and no more hit the OD off button.

I messed with the downshift pattern to help getting out of 4th but didn't modify much else.

This is almost the best $500 I've spent on my Jeep.

Get HP Tuners and fiddle with it. YouTube and Forums can help.