05 Wrangler fuel gauge stuck at half, not fuel pump, not gauge, works fine while fuel pump removed


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Apr 12, 2024
St. Louis
Gauge works fine while tank is removed, you can raise and lower level sensor on the garage floor and gauge responds correctly but once it's in stalled the gauge reads half full whether the tank is empty or full. Any ideas what would cause this?
Wiring from the pump being pinched, kinked, broken connection inside a connector, shorting to ground, etc. is my first guess.

We thought it was the pump so we replaced it w new and same thing happened. I thinking some ground problem like you suggested. I did run out of gas with it once and the gauge dropped from half to empty and I was stranded 1 mile later on the interstate.
There's definitely a short to ground somewhere that's dependent on position. In your case, it's when the tank is installed and the wiring loom runs in line with the rear axle on the drivers side. I'd be sure there are ZERO tears in the insulation. If I had to guess I would say on the fuel tank skid? Shot in the dark. I replaced my pump in February and don't remember how Mopar ran the harness from the factory (still had oem pump after 22 years)