20 years of incrementalism or Blackjacks 98 SE

Not a lot of time tonight but I started with taking the new joints apart and swapping to Redline CV2 grease. If you do not have JJ tools a ball joint press will work in a pinch.

One thing to note and I am a bit bummed about is the ball on the new CE-9113 JJ is not machined to use a greaseable bolt anymore. So this means I took a little extra care to line up one of the holes in the bushing with the zerk hole in the JJ body. I know that trying to grease a JJ can sometimes be a fools errand but I still want to give it the best chance I can.

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Took a few minutes while I hard parts soaking to install the sealed Antirock ends. These are going to be way better for in the wet. Few things to note. The new flange nuts are metric (18mm) and you will need an allen(Alan?) wrench to hold the stud while tightening down. A gear wrench would make it a bit faster but no biggie. The new ends are just a touch longer so you will want to pay attention to your rod length adjustment as well.

So I had planned on putting a Moog K7252 bushing and K201643 uniball in my WJ front track bar but since I am switching to a RockJock I have decided to try them out in the rear bar. The bushing installs easy enough but the uniball requires both narrowing and honing the ring to fit. Took a few minutes with some abrasives but it looks like it is going to work pretty good.




The amount of work it takes to remove rust and crud is staggering. However, when you're done it's a good feeling! (y)

Yeah we are not quite as bad up here as the rust belt guys but not far behind. Still I spend more time cleaning, chasing threads and what not than I care to admit to but if you do not keep up on it things go south in a hurry.
Bit of a laundry list. Biggest thing was to deal with these axle seals I thought was a good idea but are far from it. Also the infamous brake divots in the knuckles.




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Pretty straightforward stuff. Pull brakes, pull unit bearings and axle shafts. This is where copious amounts of anti sieze is your friend. From there pull the carrier. Here is a one of a professional gear guy’s secret weapons. It is called a die setters bar and it makes pulling carriers a lot easier you just slip the hook behind the carrier and use the pinion head as a pivot point and just lever the carrier out.


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Unfortunately the carrier came out a bit easier than I would like so a minor setback since I have didn’t bring side bearings with me. So off come the knuckles, had to get a bit western yeeting those axle tube seals out and on to lots of cleaning. Because I use loctite on the cap bolts that also means using a thread cleaner to get out the old thread locker. Also good to chase out the cover bolt holes as well. From there axle seals, ball joints and a bit of paint. One thing I have learned over time is to make sure to start ball joints by hand before putting the impact to them to prevent issues with the ball joint bores.




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Gen 1 OME Nitrochargers! I pulled a set off my sons TJR. Old stuff!

IH8RUST. Bless you man. I hope you get ahead.

Yeah rust is always a challenge up here. Between the winters and all the crap they put on the road, being close to the ocean and swamp goo it is a constant struggle.
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