20 years of incrementalism or Blackjacks 98 SE

So back to it. Knuckles installed.

New bearings, an extra shim and carrier back in.

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Missed pics of installing brakes but I did get the Dorman lines installed. Not really sure I am thrilled with how they fit compared to the YJ lines so I may look into a different option. I wanted to run the line vertically like in the pick but it interfered with things so I had to turn it. Got things buttoned up and put the 35s back on with some new extended reach lug nuts.


Did not get many pics today but it was out with the old and in with the new. Rockjock lower arms, track bar, coils and bumpstops. Few things to note, make sure you follow Blaine’s advice and put two 1/2 inch washers in the recess of the upper bump stop.

From there it was cycling the suspension and doing the little things like taking a grinder to the coil bracket where the control arms make contact. I ground enough off that the shock and control arm top out at the same time.

Since I removed the Nth Degree track bar system I had to swap out the pitman for a stock one. My R&P parts tie rod has seen better days I put on the Crown HD steering kit I had in reserve. I cannot say it’s the best thing out the for sure but it will get me by until I can spring for a Rockjock.


So quick once over this morning before taking Momma for a drive. As I suspected the Rockjock coils are a bit taller. Good news is that it is not quite Carolina squat action but it is over 5 inches up front so that is going to be interesting. Maybe it will settle a touch after driving a little.