2000 4.0 sputters to a stall


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May 2, 2017
Winston-Salem, NC, United States
2000 4.0L

I was just driving down the street and it starts kind of sputtering out and then stalls. No warning or anything. No CEL either. I checked the codes anyway and nothing. I am not even sure where to start. I have a local guy who loves to work on Jeeps who can fix it but I would rather not drop it off for a week unless it’s something major. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
Was this a one off or can you reproduce it? Does it seem inconsistent? Is it only after warmed up? Can you reproduce it when parked? Does it happen when it's level or faced up or down on an incline? Were you able to just start it back up? Manual or auto?

My first thought would be fuel pump since those don't have the best reputation. Could be any number of things.
Today was the first day I had the problem. I immediately broke out my OBDII reader and it had no codes. I was idling hot. Basicially just doing down the road at about 45mph. I slowed to a good speed and popped the clutch and it would light off but then sputter and come to a stop.