2000 TJ - Replacement headlight switch is acting funny...


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Jun 29, 2016
Ol Yeller developed a problem in the headlight switch - when you pull on the knob, the lights don't go on until you really fiddle around with it. Push it in slightly, wiggle it, etc. I thought it was non-use, but even after a few weeks of fiddling with it, it's not getting better.

I bought a repalcement switch on ebay: 76645

But here's the problem. There doesn't seem to be a 'middle' position (where just the parking lights would be on normally). The knob slides in and out without 'stopping' in the middle. I thought when I frist got it that it did stop, but after I hit the little release button, pulled the rod out, and put it back in, at that point it's possible the middle position stopped working.

Did I put it back together wrong?

I can't get it to 'click' at that middle position anymore...
I have purchased several of these and tried a few combinations with the knobs (long story), and never experienced that.

Maybe just try another new one or buy an OEM used one from another TJ?
Odd, to be sure.
Have you tried popping the knob/shaft out and putting it back in once more? Not that I think that it would necessarily help but, just to try. Other than that, I'm thinking you may have a bad switch.
You should def reach out to the person/company you bought it from to see if they have any thoughts before sending it back.