California 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0


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May 26, 2020
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Everyone,

Here's a Jeep that will help you both crawl the wall or the mall depending on your preference. I myself used this vehicle for a grand total of 1 off-road trip. The rest of her time in LA, she has been subjected to beach cruising and sitting in a carport. She's been held hostage by myself for 5 months and I'll be a passenger / camper whenever my friends decide to go off-roading again.

The engine is a 4.0L I6 with 136K miles and still runs extremely strong.
VIN: 1J4FA49S71P372554

Lucky for you, I have no idea how to price this thing, the price is a complete guess, I can go lower, and am in no rush to sell. You're completely welcome to throw me a text at 330-327-1965 (I am originally from NE Ohio).

I can face-time a quick ride in the car if you want to make sure it's in working condition, you can take it for a drive if you're in the LA area also.

I'm not someone to sell a bad car, so if you buy it and don't want it anymore after like 7-days (or 350 miles) with no damage I will absolutely allow a return.

The only thing I ask is that you actually utilize this thing to its full potential, It's honestly been wasted on me and I want it to go to a nice home.

The original owner sold it to a dealer for what seemed to be electrical issues, they were not fun to resolve. It took some time but everything is now in working order and it should be good to go.

Modifications listed below pictures. Please correct me if you're knowledgeable and not an idiot like myself.






IMG_5359 (1).jpg




Here's a general list of the modifications that I could examine on the truck:
  • Brand new touch screen receiver that supports Apple Carplay & Android Auto
  • Back-Up Camera
  • Brand new integrated stereo system with removable 8 inch sub (it's nice but it's good if you like it loud)
  • Swapped some of the dash lights for LED lights to check if the electrical issue was voltage related (it was not, but you get LED lights)
  • Teraflex 3 inch lift kit
  • Bilstein suspension in the rear
  • Rancho suspension in the front
  • Fox suspension supporting the front as well
  • Fox mid-arm in the front
  • Diff Locker
  • The Winch
  • Smittybilt Powder coated front bumper
  • Smittybilt Powder coated rear bumper
  • Smittybilt Powder coated step bars
  • CB radio & mount
  • Very prominent 4.5ft radio antenna
  • Big mud tires (that I highly recommend you replace with all terrains as soon as you can, these things get LOUD)
  • Quadratec floor mats
  • K&N Air-filter & Intake
  • Yakima roof rack
  • Other modification I can't remember but are minor
Things Not to Like:
  • General wear and tear on the paint and some of the components
  • Minor paint chips on the paint, still looks good but not ideal
  • I hate the mud tires, but they do look cool
  • If you haven't driven a vehicle with a lift kit you will need to get used wheel play
  • The rims have the right color but they've had custom work done to them. I would replace them because I don't like the look
  • The front grill needs a touch-up





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Jun 2, 2020
So Cal
Has the Jeep been in So Cal it’s whole life? If so, frame is likely fine.