2001 TJ Engine Replacement


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Sep 14, 2021
I bought a 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 about a year about with a replaced WJ inside. It drove perfectly fine up until about a month ago. Started getting a small 'lifter noise' that would come and go, nothing too bad to the point it was annoying. However, I tried to start the TJ after leaving work and heard a loud pop, engine died, and a weird smell that sound electrical. I thought a fuse blew and looked around only to find two vacuum hoses had blew off of their connections. I looked over everything and couldn't see any issues, reattached the hoses, and started the TJ again. Started right up, but the 'lifter noise' was a little louder. As I was driving home, only had one turn left as I live near, the noise did get rougher, almost like it was grinding against something. I got it into the driveway and tried to look around for any issues, but it was just heavy knocking from underneath.

I pulled it into the garage and shut it off. I checked the head and it has the TUPY head, so I figured the head didn't blow. I do believe the gasket is dead though because the oil looks like milk creamer and the coolant is dirty and near empty, but that wouldn't explain the loud knock/grinding noise. I called a nearby Jeep shop and tried to explain the issue over the phone before bringing it in. Normally I would go over it, but between work and classes, I don't have time. They said it might be the engine and suggested swapping in a Jasper, $5500 (engine 3600.00, install kit and fluids plus tax $500.00, and $1400.00 to install) after parts and labor. They're highly recommended to older Jeep owners, so I don't feel like they're trying to take advantage of a situation.

I told them I wanted them to look it over before dropping that money, not that there's another expensive replacement around the corner. Is that about the right price for a Jasper engine? Seems a bit high when looking at other brands such as S & J. I've been fortunate enough to borrow a vehicle, but the TJ needs to fixed sooner rather than later. Any input would be appreciated. I've been looking through the forums, but a lot of people went with rebuilds vs. replacing.
Prices for reman 4.0 are all over the place. The most important thing to look at is the warranty.
Make sure the manufacturer covers the part and labor if done by a shop.
I believe Jasper is 3years/100k miles parts and labor.
I'm in the process of replacing my engine too. Jasper has a great reputation but is on the pricier side.

I've also been reading good things from this shop https://www.sandjengines.com/, which has a substantially lower price point and has a serious warranty at 7 year/100k. I would have ordered here but they're currently at around a 12 week lead time as of early September, and I don't really want to swap out my engine in January.

Instead I'll probably be ordering from https://www.powertraincompany.com/ which is a similar price point to S and J, pretty good reputation, and still rocks a 3 years/100,000 mile warranty, but is shipping out blocks with a 5 week lead time.