2003 rubicon rough idle


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Dec 4, 2023
Western nc
After driving 2 1/2 hours last week, I stopped fer lunch and started her back up. She cranked fine but idled really rough fer 4-7 seconds and was fine. I put here into drive and when I hit the gas pedal she reved up but didn’t go anywhere fer 2seconds then took off. Got to stop sign, went to hit gas again.(I did not come to a complete stop) she felt like someone learning to drive 5 speed. Like it was going then stalling and then going again. The next morning I cranked her and drove it 45min to work, and drove it around work most of the day, then back home no issues. No codes came up. Also mechanic buddy put scanner on it and nothing showed. I have already done the plugs, coolant flush, transmission flush last summer. 2003 rubicon 120,162 miles. Automatic transmission 2 1/2lift I’ve owned since 2012 with 52,00 miles Any help would be appreciated
Did you add fuel within the last day or so ?
You may have purchased some fuel that has some water content...
IF so.... you will probably see the problem reoccur...
You can purchase a fuel additive at the local AP store that will remove the water that is in the fuel.
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Thought about the water in fuel but not sure. Filled up last night and drove 60 miles, and she was ok. Drove 80 miles today so far today. Only issue right now is there’s an intermittent squealing coming from the front driver or passenger side until it gits up past 10mph. I’m leaning towards brakes cause there gittin bad. Checking fuel psi once I’m home