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2003 TJ sport pro vs cons on aftermarket remote start.


New Member
Nov 19, 2021
I have a 2003 TJ sport automatic. I live in Michigan and looking at getting an aftermarket remote start installed. What are the pros and cons any issues after? Thanks


was last seen escaping the asylum
Supporting Member
Mar 2, 2020
east texas
not sure a bout problems with a remote start for a jeep but, i bought one for my 2016 ford 150 off of ebay. it was a plug and play type. it plugged in behind the diagnostic computer port at the bottom of the drivers dashboard. hit the lock button 3 times on the key and in about 6 seconds it cranks. no memory for heat a/c, so leave it where you want it when you kill it. it has preformed flawless over the years and is used daily. $180 something vs $450 for a oem ford part plus dealer has to flash computer for oem one at an extra expense. aftermarket would have to come with a remote since jeep has none. should you do this post your results.