Ohio 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ unlimited


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Jul 17, 2020
Columbus Ohio
Columbus Ohio
2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ unlimited
96,655 miles
4.0, Auto

Located in Columbus Ohio
Accident-free, rust-free frame and body

Clear Ohio title in my name



I purchased this Jeep in January of this year as a winter project to pass the time and keep my mind and body occupied during the doldrums of winter and Covid lock downs. During the last 8 months, the Jeep has gone through significant maintenance, clean-up and detailing.

The condition of the frame, body and undercarriage from a rust/rot standpoint is outstanding. Prior to me, The Jeep spent its life in Georgia. For the next guy or gal, this is a really solid base to work from with a lot of general maintenance completed and a fresh interior.

It's is currently on a new set of 33’s with custom steel wheels. It came with a lift of unknown make estimated to be around 4”.

General condition is overall good but not perfect. There are nicks and dings, the paint has rock chips (crappy touch ups) and checking in some areas but there is no body filler or major damage. The engine runs smooth, it starts stops drives and shifts.

What it needs: While allot of things are done it could still use a little more tlc. New ball joints/steering/suspension maintenance, a rear main seal (valve cover is freshly done) and an AC re-charge are in order.

Details and overhauls completed since purchased.


-BedRug carpets
-Front Corbeau seats/mounts
-Sony CarPlay head unit with backup camera
-67 Designs phone mount
-Fresh leather wrapped steering wheel hoop
-Center console sub-woofer replacement
-Trailgater stainless/aluminum/bamboo tailgate table.
-Ignition switch and actuator.

Interior/dash were taken out and the tub was deep cleaned and detailed during heater core replacement.


-OEM Mopar front bumper
-Warn M8000S (synthetic) winch. Control box located under the hood using armored 1/0 welding cable. -USA TruckLite LED heated headlights
-Hella LED fogs with amber covers.
-OEM style fender flares (I think I have the front behind-the-flair extensions, If I can find them they will go with).
-Front Indicator lights
-Body Armor rocker guard/steps
-ARB deluxe rear bumper with tire carrier (note: tire mounted trash bag not included).
-JKS front quicker disconnects
- New bumpstops and 2” extensions.
- Bestop soft top assembly with bows.

Tires and wheels

-5 new 33” 285/70/17 Falken Wild peak MT’s
-5 new custom made Wheel Smith steelies (17”x8” 4.5”bs.)
-McGuard black lug nuts all around.

Mechanical overhauls

  • Complete Cooling system overhaul: block flushed, Zerex hoat coolant. New OEM Mopar factory radiator, new OEM Mopar factory fan shroud, new OEM Mopar factory overflow jug, new OEM Mopar factory heater hoses, new Gates radiator hoses, new OEM Mopar factory hose clamps, new OEM Mopar factory water pump, new OEM Mopar thermostat, housing and coolant tube. New heater core, new blower motor. New OEM Mopar AC condenser (AC needs charged). New fan clutch.
  • Tune up and under hood components: New OEM Mopar factory coil, new NGK spark plugs, Valve cover service with new gasket, pcv elbows and hoses. New OEM fuel rail heat shield.
  • Charging system overhaul: New OEM Mopar idler pully, new OEM Mopar factory belt tensioner, new serpentine belt, new reman OEM alternator. New Odyssey AGM HD battery with new upgraded heavy gauge military lugged battery wiring. New OEM power steering pully.
  • Brake system overhaul: Flush and bleed DOT3 synthetic fluid. New NAPA premium master cylinder, new front and rear Centric premium Rotors, new front and rear Black Magic brake pads, new front and rear remaned calipers, new 4” extended front flex lines.
  • Fuel system: Gas tank removal, clean and overhaul. New OEM Bosh fuel pump assembly, new OEM Mopar evap line assembly, new OEM Mopar HD gas tank skid new gas cap, new OEM Mopar fuel filler trim.

I spent approximately 2 years lurking here on this forum learning planning and researching before I pulled the trigger on this one. Almost all the maintenance items have been based on the outstanding threads, tutorials and recommendations found here on the forum.

The reason I’m selling. After allot of consideration, I have decided to go after a new JL 2-door with a manual transmission.

Note: The spare tire trash bag (and camping gear shown) does not go with the sale. All the things listed in the details section go with. The original factory front and rear seats are available and can be included if you would like them.

Interior and undercarriage pictures to follow. Happy to provide further details and or pictures.














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Dec 16, 2020
The Seattle Greater Metropolitan Area
Nice-looking jeep. Looks like you didn't skimp on what you did do to it.
Question: Do the seats have covers on them or, are they out of a newer model Jeep? I didn't see where you noted that but could have missed it. Thanks, and good luck.


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Jul 17, 2020
Columbus Ohio
Thanks! The front seats and mounts are full new replacements from Corbeau. They are a general purpose design, not Jeep specific but have a nice clean OEM type appearance and physically fit in the TJ space well. I have the original seats that go with if someone wants them.


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Sep 11, 2021
Cleveland Ohio
She’s a beauty! drove through Columbus last Saturday wish I could of stopped to see it. I’m sure it won’t last long but if it’s around next week I will come look at it.