2006 Trail Spares?

I also have an 06 LJ Rubicon and carry Axle shafts, ujoints, unit bearings, and ball joints. If you're wheeling in terrain where these items break then consider installing upgrades and keeping the original components as spares.

Front and rear chromoly axle shafts should be at the top of your list with new unit bearings. Keep the original shafts fully assembled for easier replacement on the trail.

Spicer ujoints and Spicer ball joints. I'd just install new ball joints and keep the old sets as spares.

I carry a spare rear driveshaft. I bought a new driveshaft and kept the original as a spare. I also have a replacement Currie steering setup that I bring with me. The spare steering components are bent but will get me off the trail in a jam.

A few more parts and you can just have someone drive them on the trail behind you.

You got me thinking- rear axles.....a tool to remove a stuck race.

And some extra lug nuts.

Fluids are always a good idea too.
I've slimmed my stuff down over the years to include: spare drive belt; crank and camshaft sensors; 1310, 1330, and 760x u joints (I have a mix of these); front brake lines and fluid; spare fuses and wire; along with the tools to install the above. Of course, there is also basic recovery gear. Other stuff goes in the truck, but I've learned to keep the Jeep as light as possible.
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couple ratchet straps

I am a true believer- broke the left lower rear control arm/track bar mount. Drove about 275 miles this like this.

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