New York 2006 Wrangler Golden Eagle Package - 56.9K Miles - 6 Speed - All Original


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Aug 14, 2023
Ontario, NY
Ontario, NY

HI All -

Listing my 2006 Wrangler Sport Golden Eagle Edition on here. It is also currently listed on ebay for sale as well. I tried listing via BaT but they want to list with no reserve and not willing to do that. Ad is from ebay so probably a bit wordy for this group but wanted to share if any interest. Would love to see if go to another Jeep family home. Have the build sheet and carfax i can send if anyone is interested in Jeep. Here it goes....

This is a very special and original Golden Eagle Jeep in outstanding condition. One of the most desirable TJ's (1997-2006) and last year of 4.0L inline six cylinder with the 2 year only (2005 & 2006) 6 speed manual transmission. I am a private seller and purchased this Jeep earlier this year and only reason for selling is I already have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and would like to purhase a K5 Blazer and out of storage room for more vehicles! Wife tells me a Jeep has to sell before i can have another toy.

Golden Eagle Package was only offered in 2006 (last year of TJ) and 2,001 Golden Eagles produced with 506 total made in Stone White. 504 Stone White Golden Eagles shipped to US and 2 overseas. Great color contrast with white body and black hardtop/fender flairs.

Golden Eagle Package Consists of the following
- "Golden Eagle" Hood & Fender Badges (no eagle on hood - my understanding is only black Golden Eagles had them installed at factory and other 3 colors were up to dealer/buyer discretion to install)
- (5) 15 x 8 Ravine Wheels finished in Gold paint (includes spare)
- (5) 30x9.50R15 Wrangler OWL Tires (includes spare)
- Heavy Duty Dana 44 Rear Axle
- 3:73 Axle Ratio
- High Pressure Gas Shocks
- Spare Tire Cover "Golden Eagle"
- Embroidered High Back Bucket Seats

This Jeep was ordered with dual tops (hardtop and softop) but the soft top is not present. I do not think the hardtop has ever been removed from the Jeep as the Torx Bolts have no knicks/scratches on them a wrench being used. Again, NO SOFT TOP PRESENT and does not comes with Jeep.

The Jeep has A/C which blows ice cold as well as optional Body Side Steps and Cruise Control (rare with manual Jeep).

I am the fifth and current owner of the Jeep and NY registered in my name. I have talked with the 3rd and 4th owners but have no history of 1st and 2nd owners besides Carfax report. There was an accident listed on 5/18/13 (10 years ago) where the Jeep was invovled in a collision that had minor damage to left front side. No airbags deployed and Jeep was understanding is that it was a rear end collision which affected left front of Jeep. Only parts replaced from accident i can find is the left front fender, fender flare and signal light. The current fender no longer has the MOPAR Vin# decal on it, but the exterior Stone White paint matches excellent. There was no frame damage and Jeep still retains original hood and drivers side door as well. Appears very minor incident and excellent paint match. You can see MOPAR vin# label still on left front frame rail in pics.

Paint overall is excellent with great shine and no fading/dents/etc. There are a few small chips in white grille and front of fenders by turn signals. Hardtop has a few small scratches under passenger rear window and i can send pics to document.

Right Front Fender, Passenger Door, Drivers Door, Rear Tail-Gate Door, Hood and Frame all retain original Mopar Vin# decals and can send pics if interested to confirm. Only panel replaced is the Left Front Fender as already mentioned. Frame has VIN# etched onto right frame rail and clearly ligible given excellent condition of undercarriage (see pic)

This Jeep is a Northeast (PA and NY) Jeep, it is remarkable how clean and how well preserved this Jeep is. No frame rot, undercoat, spray bomb, patches, hole, etc...frame is absolutely flawless. The tub of the Jeep is excellent with no rot, rust holes, undercoat, etc. Extremely minor surface only rust around seams as you can see in pics but absolutely no rot or holes (see picture where e-brake cable is). I have a 2004 Sahara from Tampa, FL its whole life and this Golden Eagle is as clean as the FL Jeep. It is obvious that this Jeep did not see winters and would assume minimal rain given how clean it is and being East Coast Jeep. I would also state that it was stored indoors in a good climate garage/barn and not left out its whole life. If you see this Jeep, you would think West coast or Southern signs of Northeast corrosion/rust/etc!

I have spend over $1,000 in maintenance and service on the Jeep in May 2023 (please see picture of all maintenance performed). I have put on approx 500 miles on the Jeep and drives like new. Everything works (A/C, Cruise, E-Brake, Gauges, factory stereo & cd player, fog lights, etc) and amazing how quiet and great the Jeep runs/drives. Previous owners have replaced battery (Optima Red Top), Tires (like new tread on 6ply Goodyear Wranglers) and replaced exhuast system with Dynomax Muffler with Stainless Steel Tip. Please see pics listing all maintenance I have performed 500 miles ago (May 2023) on Jeep. This Jeep is ready to roll with no engine lights present and drives 100% like new. Great oil pressure at all times and absolute blast to drive with 6 speed and 3:73 gears.

Original window sticker, owners manual and other manuals/warranty cards all included in sale and see pics for more detail on documents.

I cannot express how original and clean this Jeep is and all maintenance has been performed and ready to be enjoyed.

The following items have been upgraded/added and not original: halogen style head lights (have originals), Kicker dash and roll bar upgraded speakers (have originals), pyle 6.5" center console bass speaker (original deteriorated), short rubber antenna (have original), throttle body spacer and storage lockbox with key under drivers seat (can be removed if wanted)

Jeep comes with clean NYS title in my name and 2 sets of factory keys and car cover.

$27,000 or reasonable offer

06 Golden Eagle 2 - Left Front Ext.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 3 - Front End.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 10 - Rear Ext.jpeg

06 Golden Eagle 11 - Left Rear Ext.jpeg

06 Golden Eagle 12 - Front Seats.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 14 - Rear Seat.jpeg

06 Golden Eagle 17 - Pass Front Interior.jpeg

06 Golden Eagle 22 - Odometer.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 23 - Left Side Frame Rail.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 25 - Right Side Frame Rail.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 26 - Right Side Undercarriage.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 28 - Left Side Undercarriage.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 29 - Front undercarriage.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 30 - Underhood.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 31 - Front Engine Bay.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 32 - Right Side Engine Bay.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 33 - Left Side Engine Bay.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 34 - Firewall.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 35 - Left Front VIN Sticker.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 39 - Rear Frame wheel removed.jpg

06 Golden Eagle - Recent Maintenance List.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 16 - Hardtop rear scratches.jpeg

06 Golden Eagle 19 - Production Sheeet.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 20 - Window Sticker.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 21 - Owners Manual and Documents.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 27 - Rear Undercarriage.jpg

06 Golden Eagle 36 - Left Front Inner Fender.jpg
Beautiful! Appreciate the export sheet. I have a Stone White GE here in Oz. I know this is off topic but 11 in RHD. Maybe 7 of those came to Oz. Not sure where else RHD were exported to. This makes white in my opinion both the best looking and hardest to find. Would love those golden ravines!

Hope you sell well.
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thanks for comment and very cool it is RHD. I was suspect on the gold ravines and how it would look on the jeep (i.e. 70's bandit trans am look)...they do look good on the jeep and in stone white. it is a great jeep. Hoping my itch for 80's K5 blazer goes away and ill keep it. Will be hard to replace this jeep in the condition it as. Wife and I took it to dinner over weekend and such a great running Jeep. We love out lifted 04 Sahara, but this rides so much nicer and with stock size tire, 6 speed and 3:73 much fun to cruise around in.
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Hey please keep this post up even after you sell as these are the best picks of this setup I've seen. Always handy to have a reference point so to speak.
I have a ton more pics...if you need anything specific let me know and send over
I have a ton more pics...if you need anything specific let me know and send over

Hi again, unusually my GE came with no sun visors. Could you send some detailed pics of yours please. Stickers etc. This will assist me to get a good OEM pair.
Great. Ta. Also noted that the stem shaft is not chrome. Lots of after market ones are. Thank you.