33" tire recommendations for a 15" wheel?


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Jul 4, 2019
I am looking for get new 33" tires for my tj. Wll mount it on a 15" rim.
I am looking for an aggressive looking tire and a tire i can drive with mostly on regular roads.
Not offroading, some mud occasionally.
I am meanly going for looks.

Please share some pictures
I like the Cooper AT3 4s LT. They are excellent road tires with excellent snow and ice capabilities. They have an aggressive look too. They come in load range C and E. Regardless of which tire you end up with be sure to get it in a load rang C.
They are very quiet and balance easily. They were Consumers Report top ranked A/T. Rated significantly above any other. What their exact criteria is for tire rating I don't know, but on a different vehicle I could go in 2wd where I needed 4wd using BF Goodrich A/T. A lot of folks here like the Goodyear A/T. For road use look for siping and a lot of smaller lugs. Bigger lugs with less sipes won't stick to the road as well.
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An all terrain tire might be your best choice. It will provide a quiet ride compared to a mud terrain. It’s a little bit cheaper compared to a mud terrain. Finally, it should last longer than a mud terrain considering all the road miles.

Falken’s WildPeak ATW3’s are great. They have a very aggressive sidewall (checks your “looks” box.) and are very quiet on the street.

I have some on my YJ but no pics as I am traveling as of today. I paid $89 a tire for some 31’s. And they are made in th

here are some pics from the internet.

For mostly on-road driving, you'll want an A/T tire (All Terrain). My top two choices would be a BFG KO2 or a Goodyear Duratrac. Both exceptional tires that perform good in just about anything. I've run both, and love both!

They look very aggressive too.
How are the road manners?
Rain manners?
Are they loud?

OP is looking for something thats agressive but he mainly stays on the pavement.
They handle the road quite well, no complaints so far. I’ve got 12,000 miles on them. They do make some noise tho but probably no different than any other M/T. Not much rain experience at highway speeds but again no complaints on what I have experienced.
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I’ve been super happy with BFG KO2s. Have them on my Jeep and my truck. Good road manners and no whine.
If you are planning to be on the road then any M/T will be a poor choice. They are for mud and that is where they shine. So if the road you take to work every day isn't made of 6" or more of gooey slimy mud then you might want to think of a different tire. I doubt the cop at your accident will say "boy, was goi g to give you a ticket for causing this accident, but wow! Those tires look cool."
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I run Cooper STT Pro's. They ride fine on the highway, and are pretty aggressive looking. A little noise, but not much. The OP said they want the look of an aggressive tire, not the smoothest ride, so I wouldn't recommend an AT tire in that case. The Falkens look ok, but are too damn heavy at like 75 pounds. My Coopers are like 60 pounds.