33x12.50 tire PSI: what is best for road driving?


Jul 15, 2023
MT olive , Ms
2006 rubicon
Has 4” zone lift, fox shocks

What PSI seems best overall on 33x12.0 nitto grapplers

Not to impressed with ride at 35psi and at 30psi it seems to wander/steer funny

Not sure about the quality of the Zone lift but it looks pretty new and installed correctly
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I used to run mine at 30 psi but noticed one day that I wasn't making contact across all the thread, so I've dropped it down to 25 psi now. The "chalk test" above will work, or you can see if you can run a piece of paper under the tire.
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I tried that years ago and 15 psi was where it ended up. :unsure:
The chalk test commonly causes tires to be severely underinflated. Too many think the object of that test is to get all of the tread on the ground so they air down too much to achieve that. Rarely is a tire designed to have all of it's tread on the ground all of the time while driving. Few perform the chalk test well enough to produce good results.