Washington 34th Annual PNW4WDA Trail Jamboree July 5-9, 2023


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Dec 12, 2015
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EDIT: Updated Link Registration opens March 5th at 8AM.


Keep an eye open for when registration opens.

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Just a quick reminder that if you're wanting to register for the Trail Jamboree registration starts on 5 March 20203 (This Sunday) @ 8AM.


Also at this years Jamboree they are having a overnight run.


**OVERNIGHTER **- The trip will take you on a two-day adventure over some of the most scenic trails and beautiful views in the Pacific Northwest. The exact route is a surprise, but rest assured there will be adventure and excitement! You will be required to bring everything you need for an overnight stay (coats, hats, sleeping bags, tents, spare parts etc.). Be prepared to be completely self- sufficient: bathroom supplies, extra food (SNACKS, Thursday breakfast and lunch, Friday Breakfast and lunch) and WATER. Dinner will be provided on the trail Thursday evening. Be sure to pack everything you will need in your vehicle. NO TRAILERS! Difficulty level = 9.

Also GMRS radio will be required for the Rimrock trails.
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