WTB: 4 springs and shocks

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Mar 1, 2023
Miami, FL
If anyone has some 4” shocks and springs and are willing to part with either for free or cheap please let me know I will take care of shipping through FedEx.

I need at least the springs because I’m fixing up the Jeep for my daughter and it’s currently on a 6” lift which actually has 7” lift which is way too high for her.
Have you looked on Facebook Marketplace? Out my way, it seems they can almost always be found.
Was recently scammed through there but locally I have nothing, not on Craigslist OfferUp or marketplace. Closest I find is like 4 hours away for unbranded
I see. I buy and sell stuff there all the time, but always in person with cash.
There are a few sets for cheap around here (AZ), but we probably have more modified Jeeps here than in Miami and therefore more spare parts.
I can imagine it being kind of difficult to find 4" coils on WTJF since most people stay at 4" coils once they get there, unless they are one of the few that do coil-overs. Good luck.
When you say cheap what would be the price range?

I wish I could go lower but been told by the community that any lower than 4” would probably cause me more headaches than anything.
I have seen in the $100 range, but I am sure shipping would be ridiculous from AZ to FL.
I wish I had that here. I’m going to try to meet someone for a front set of 4” skyjacker along with the zJ steering upgrade parts for $200 this weekend but if that doesn’t go through would you be willing to help me out? I have an account with FedEx and get pretty good pricing and I can send you the money through paypal
Sure, let me know how that goes. The Skyjacker sounds like a decent deal.
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