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42RLE Torque converter



I'm installing my 42RLE auto in my 06' SE. I am having an issue with seating the torque converter. According to the manual, I should be able to measure 1/2" from the surface of converter lugs to the back of a straight-edge when the converter is fully seated. I am only able to seat it with 3/8" from the surface of converter lugs to the back of a straight-edge. Does anyone know if the tolerance is that tight? It's the only thing I can figure out why I am unable to bolt the transmission to the block. Any ideas? I have a feeling that this is going to cost me a bit of change..


The torque converter twist-locks into place on the older 32RH, it probably does on your 42RLE too.
Thanx Jerry. I think I solved my problem. I wasn't using enough force. I'll admit I was getting a bit frustrated and about to walk away for a few when I shoved it a little harder and it slipped in with a reassuring thunk. I know if all is right when I get everything back together for a test drive.
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New Member
May 6, 2022
Opposite problem here. I have 3/4" and I can feel the torque converter unseat from the pump gears when I try to bolt to flywheel? Lost here.