48 years ago

48 years ago my other vehicle was 4 years old. That was likely about the time the original purchaser wanted to trade in that “old car” for a new 1975 model.
I was in high school when it came out and I can remember listening to it on the radio... Damn I'm OLD...
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Here's the Edmunds Fitzgerald looking to be fully unloaded:
images (6).jpg

Here it is with the depth markings. 30 ft max. Not sure how much is left under the water level in this pic because the dock is blocking some.

Just a bit deeper than 30 ft in this one, and maybe on that day:
image-asset (1).jpeg

And here we have a pretty good beer:

Not sure why they made the ship black on the early labels, maybe just because it added to the dark and dreariness related to the name but for some reason they decided to soften it up.
download (10).jpg

I prefer the dark and dreary label.