5" Single DIN Radio Help

Honestly, just to save money by not having to buy the new bezel.

I would doubt anyone here has tried that exact radio but there is a chance. From my research it seems all the lower cost brands are somewhat of a crapshoot on quality (if they work at all, or if they will last a year). I ended up finding a cheap used Pioneer double din with carplay. I still probably had $200 or so into it.
How'd you end up liking it, if you did try it out. I ordered it from Amazon but it came damaged and I didn't re-order.
You get what you pay for…..

Save up more $$$ and buy a reputable brand with a name they stand behind

“Fly by night” chinese branded electronics are a tremendous waste of time, and high chance of a short lifespan.
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How'd you end up liking it, if you did try it out. I ordered it from Amazon but it came damaged and I didn't re-order.

If you scroll down to the reviews you can see there is one picture with it installed in a TJ.
So someone has done it :).
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I was just looking at that yesterday. Any thoughts or reviews so far?

It works fine so far, no issues in 4 months of use. I'd buy it again if I needed another stereo.

Apple carplay was a requirement, and the Bugs are single din only so it was the Boss or the $650 Pioneer with the pop out screen.
It looks like a ball socket.
Is there a way to tighten it if it gets loose?

I was wrong when I replied above; the screen does have adjustment on the screen side of the arm. I thought it just rotated on the ball, but it can move vertically too.

The ball the screen turns on doesn't have an adjuster that I can see. If the ball worked loose and the screen wobbled, I'm not sure what fix I would use, probably epoxy.

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I have one of these to install Pioneer sph-10bt. I'm going to attempt to remove the standard mount and put a Quadlock magnetic wireless charger on it.
loos like I will be able to run the cable through the body and connect it to something behind the head unit pretty easy. Plus it will all fold away for a clean look.
Take a look at the Pioneer MVH-S720BHS you still get the Pioneer smart sync app but your phone isn't physically attached to the head unit. Also you get a ln actual knobs for volume control, which is a requirement for me.
I have the single din mount with the large screen radio in my motorhome. It bounces around a lot. I am going to remove it and go back to the original radio.
I had no idea Pioneer is pushing a “Smart sync” APP
If this is required to get all the features working I would advise against buying into that