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#6 Misfire, sometimes, at idle.


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Jan 4, 2018
2005 6 cylinder, 6 speed, rubi LJ. Not all the time, but often enough that it is a hassle. It will idle a little rough and usually, not all the time, it will throw a code ten to fifteen minutes later. I have replaced the plugs, I have replaced the factory heat shielding (thinking it was a heat soak issue), new O rings on the injectors..... A little more history, we drove from Virginia to Salt Lake City to Moab and back and there would often be a terrible misfire when it was restarted after getting fuel. Let it sit there and struggle for a few seconds at idle while I tried to get the rpms up, once they rose above 1500 or so it would smooth out and run well, idle, highway speeds, etc. We get home I changed the plugs (the ones Jerry recommended), ran ok for about a month then it began again. When I pulled the plugs after the trip they looked used but not fouled.....any ideas would be greatly appreciated......