6 person tent recommendations?

I just got the Wawona 6, haven’t done more then a backyard setup but I was able todo it solo in about 15min

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Used this for real over the weekend.

A few notes for anyone considering the NF Wawona 6.
  • 1 adult can set up, but at 5’6 getting the rain fly over and aligned was a major pain
  • The vestibule, is huge and was great during the day. It made for a private changing room and when it rained an accessible and dry storage room.
  • They cheeped out on the rain fly. And while we stayed dry during a thunderstorm, the fly only covers the top 1/3 of the tent and about an inch below the windows.
  • The front door facing the vestibule is only mesh, with no zipper door + the rain fly above, makes this a 2.5 season tent. Last night it was in the 40s and with only two people in the tent it was a bit chilly, where as in my 3 person tent it would have been perfect weather. Probably less of an issue if the tent was a capacity.
  • Dumbest thing of all, is the stuff sack, which isn’t a stuff sack but some stupid shallow tote bag thing which doesn’t fully close
Overall, for $229 holiday pricing and the 3-4 times a year I’ll use this vs my smaller tent it was a good buy. I’d be underwhelmed if I had to pay current REI pricing of $500