'83 CJ hunting rig


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I love CJs. That one seems alright but I'd have to pass on all the hunting stuff. Not that I'm against hunting but I don't know how you'd get that thing anywhere in Ohio and if I could get it somewhere I wouldn't want to be that close to my fellow hunters.


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Can you hunt deer from a vehicle in TX?
Uh, yeah. I shot a nice axis doe from the back of a pickup truck at night one time. Axis are exotics here and me and a buddy we’re both in the back of the truck spotlighting while a friend drive the ranch. Those deer travel in herds and we came up on one. Of course the immediately moved away so we got ready ASAP and this doe was going over the ridge and she stopped, as they often do, and looked back. I pulled one off as a neck shot at 100yds and she disappeared. We drove over there and came right up on her, went slightly through the hind but right in the neck. Great hunt!


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Oct 12, 2018
That is a purpose built quail hunting rig. Two hunters on the front, and two up top. Slow rolling through a grassy field, that is the perfect setup, and appears to be done very nice. Used to hunt off those type rigs many many times years ago. A couple of dogs did all the retrieving, and you never had get off until the hunt was over. Throw a dozen or so KC lights on it, and hunt rabbits at night. All shotgun hunts, rotating turns firing. I’ve got a super 8 film around here somewhere from when I mounted the camera in between the seats up front. Watching it looks like I’m slowly levitating above the ground through a field and shooting every once in a while, while having conversations with the invisible man next to me.
Now days, you could add rifle rests and hunt deer, or hogs, or whatever from it in a parked position, like a portable blind. I gotta tell you though, cruising down the road while sitting on the outside of that, and going around a curve is an experience you don’t forget. Four hunters, a driver, plus a couple of dogs, plus the added weight of all the additional hardware makes for a severely unstable ride.
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