98 TJ high idle / running rich

650 to 700 RPM is what my research says. Mine idles at 675 RPM in park and in drive sitting at a stop light. It’s pretty consistent it may fluctuate some but not enough to notice on my stock 24 year old stock tack. I have disconnected the battery on the Jeep and it comes back to 675 RPM consistently. The first time I disconnected the battery the stated the Jeep it did not idle right then my mechanic buddy told me I needed to start the jeep run up the RPM 1500 or so and hold there for 20 seconds or so and then slowly drop the RPM down. He said this is so the computer can relearn the fuel for the correct idle speed. All I know is it works for me. Sometimes I need to go drive it a little but it straightens out and runs 675 RPM.
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