Massachusetts 98 TJ Wrangler Sahara, automatic, 128k miles


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Mar 30, 2019
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
It is with great sadness that I offer for sale my 1998 TJ Wrangler Sahara, 4.0L I-6 engine, 32RH automatic, with 128k miles on the clock. Due to a change in life circumstances, I no longer have the time or space necessary to maintain it, so it must unfortunately go. I purchased this from the second owner about 1.5 years ago and have put in an extensive amount of time and money fixing it up. While this is a New England vehicle and has some rust, the frame is in great shape, and the exterior is free from any rust or damage. A few highlights include new Rancho shocks, new fuel pump, full BedTred carpet (front, back, cargo area), new Bestop soft top, and original and completely tear free Sahara seats. I’m looking for $8500. More than happy to take more pictures and answer any questions you have.

The list of parts and work done includes:

Radiator (Mopar 52028123AB)
Water pump (Mopar 68382489AA)
Hose clamps (Mopar)
Heater core (Spectra 93024)
Thermostat (Stant 45359)
Radiator cap (Stant 10234)

Ball joints x 4 (Spicer 706944X)
Shocks x 4 (Rancho RS55128 / RS55240)
Springs x 4 (Moog 3224 / 3229)
Control arms x 8 (Crown)
Track bar (Moog DS1235)
Tie rod (Moog DS1312 / ES2079S / ES3096L)
Drag link (Moog DS1430 / ES2079S / ES3096L)
Steering stabilizer (Rancho RS5407)
Eccentric bolts x 2 (Speciality 82380)
Rear bump stop (Omix-Ada 18280.25)

Drivetrain / Engine
Valve cover gasket (FelPro VS50458R)
Oil pressure sender (Mopar 56031005AB)
Spark plugs x 6 (Autolite XP985)
Spark plug wires (ACDelco 16-806G)
Fuel pump assembly (Delphi FG1353)
Hub assembly x 2 (Timken 513084)
Oil filter (Mopar 05281090AB)
Transmission gasket / filter (LubeLocker LLT-A999)
Drum shoe x 2 (Centric 12267021)
Drum hardware (Centric 11863012 / 11962036 / 11962037)
Rear calipers
Stainless brake lines (Inline Tube)
Air filter (FRAM CA8205)
Distributor cap / rotor (WVE 3D1158)
Neutral safety lamp switch (Mopar 56028181AC)
Oil cap (Stant 10111)
Throttle body gasket (FelPro 60948)
Ignition actuator pin (Doorman 924704)
Ignition switch (Standard Motor US294)

Fenders x 2
Body mount repair (BF)
Floor pan repair (BF)
Exterior door handles x 2 (Iamauto 82796)
Door bushings (Quadratec 55014.6101)
Door pins (Dorman 38447)
Door hinge screws (Doorman 926-888)

Carpet (BedTred)
Soft top (Bestop)
Sand blast / prime / paint all hinges
Parking light marker (Autoandart 2223-0006LR)
Exterior side mirrors (Bestop 51261-01)
Rear LED tail lights (Vouke VK-TL038)
Rear LED center brake light (Eurolite JP-LL)
Rear tailgate bar (Bestop 52600-01)
Door panel clips (Dorman 700-743)

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