AC Compressor died

Chris S

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Jul 20, 2017
Hanover, VA, United States
My 97 Sport was blowing cold last week and then all of sudden its just blowing air from the outside. I tried to recharge the AC and it just acted like there was no pressure. It was an older bottle/gauge of the AC Pro stuff though so Im not sure if that would attribute to anything like that. But when the AC starting to act up I also noticed a loud squeaking sound that sounds like its coming from the compressor. Could it be that my AC compressor is shot? If so whats the best course of action from here without breaking the bank?
Don’t need AC if you take the top down.

If you really want to do it on the cheap, try a scrap yard, but you should first take it to a shop to get the system tested, may have just sprung a hole somewhere.
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