Almost got a LJ *GOT IT!*


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May 15, 2024
In two days I'm supposed to pick up a 2006 LJ Rubicon. My first course of action with a new vehicle is to join forums related to them so here I am.

I've had a 1998 XJ, a 1984 K5 Blazer, and currently have a 2007 Xterra I've built up. The LJ has been a dream of mine and now that the kids are older and even the Xterra is tight enough on space that they don't want to take it on trips, it's time to move on.

My plans are kinda open ended right now so I'm gonna ask a lot of questions. I've been out of Jeeps for over 10 years so my info on good VS bad brands is very dated as well as the developments in gear.

Hopefully Friday morning I'll get to post pictures of my Jeep and the fun begins!
Welcome, got my LJR about a year ago and love it. The kid gets to drive the JKUR and I’m driving around in the old jeep, but really enjoy it. Maybe because it’s closer to the YJ I had for 10 years than the JK is. I don’t know I just prefer it. Enjoy it!
Well, here it is!


And how it sits now. LOL

I'm still learning my way around the forum but I like supporting privately owned forums VS the ones bought up by AutoGuide and the like so here I am.

I've been looking for the general BS threads and I'll be starting a build/advice thread soon.

Thanks for the welcome!

Not a Jeep but here is my current DD/Wheeler. A 2007 Xterra I've done a LOT to.


I love my Xterra but the LJR has been one of my "Unicorns" since they were released but having 3 kids, I needed more room so the Xterra fit the bill for moderate offroad use and also family trips and daily use.

But everything I own is a project. My truck: