Am I a bad guy if I don't participate in the Jeep wave?

I assume they are busting your chops. You do You.

Myself, I notice all Jeeps. I just do not wave at them all.

Same here. I just happen to think the cj and the tj are the 2 that rule the roost. Owned a cj in college, a yj I didn't care too much for, and this is my 3rd tj. 97 with 2.5 on 33s, then My wife talked me into a 3 speed auto on a 2000 yr. Wasn't my cup of tea. Loving the 6 speed in this one
I think he forgot to use the sarcasm font, lighten up. Welcome. Wave if you want, don’t wave if you want. Nobody cares.

This must be the font 😜
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Just a laugh @Apparition Or care to explain? Or just keep being a dick?

Twas a joke