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Any feedback on Falken MT01 tires?


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
May 17, 2018
Currently on Goodyear MT/R's. They have served my well. 4 solid years of hard wheeling on the current set. It's time for tires and since I just had some 17" Walker Evan's beadlocks dropped in my lap, it's time to get off these 15's.

I'm fine with another set of MT/R's. But I'm interested in Falken's too. Many years ago I had their AT tire in a smaller size on another vehicle and was pleased with them. And my buddy just picked up a pair of their MT sticky verson for his buggy that look cool. But we haven't tested yet as the rig is still on the lift waiting on his ORI's and new beadlocks.

We get decent pricing on tires so pricing is not relative.

So what's the word on these Falken MT01's? I run a pretty capable TJ, mostly a trail truck, with minimal local street driving. I prefer rock trails and crawling mainly. Probably staying on 35's (HPD30, locked and geared) but would consider living dangerously and going with 37's basically as a lazy man's way to motivate me to get going on the impending axle swap....(the wife does not have my password for this site, so it's safe to mention it...lol)