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Anybody have experiences with these tires?

Jeep Joe

Mar 6, 2019
I recently upgraded from a 2000 sport tj rust bucket to a 2004 rubicon tj. It came with these tires. they are “Goodyear Wrangler: silent armor pro grades”. All the wheels are Moab’s with the GW pro grades except the spare which is a typical tj wheel with regular a Goodyear wrangler. So I bought a Moab off eBay and got one of these tire and my god are they expensive! Supposedly the “silent armor prograde” means they have a Kevlar lining inside them to prevent flats. I got in the tire and this thing is hard as a rock, not slightly squishy like a normal tire. Anybody have good, bad or in between opinions on them?




TJ Addict
Supporting Member
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May 23, 2018
Morrison, CO
Ive seen them a lot on company vehicles in my line of work. They are a hard riding tire but they sure do hold up well from what I have seen.
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