Anybody put a straight pipe on their 4.0?

My Jeep is supercharged, so I fabricated a 3" straight exhaust with no cats to a muffler with a turn down. At first, I had a Thrush chambered muffler, and it sounded like a V8 at idle but had AWFUL drone on the highway and was wayyyy too loud. I now have a Borla Pro XS straight through muffler, which is far quieter, despite being a straight through higher flowing muffler. The Borla doesn't drone and isn't obnoxious, even with no cats and 3" pipes. The Borla doesn't have that V8 rumble though.
I don't think that CJ dragster was 4.0 powered, although I could be wrong.
Looks like a Chevy 350
I wouldn't expect a straight pipe on the 4.0 to add power, though...
I've already read both of them, and I'm not sure why a straight pipe would add power to a Jeep 4.0. I'm not an authority on that engine, but I just don't see that the normal benefits of a straight exhaust would apply, here. I mean, there's only so much air that can go through the head...

Drag racing and ALL other forms of racing is about power yes. But that wasnt my
Point. Never did I mention power or making more power. I just wanted to shine some light on a situation where it could be benificial to have a straight pipe because you couldnt think of anything. One situation that you couldnt think of is this: Having no muffler and no cats is beneficial to a racing application because it eliminates “potential” parts failure issues. It’s more parts that could cost you a race. A cat could go bad in the middle of a race, costing you time, money, and headache. Not having it has a benefit in this application/situation.

Drag racing is sometimes more about the reliability of a build than the amount of power it makes.
OP: I own a weekend warrior with a straight pipe. I got a 98 Sahara 4.0 that I got from this young kid, who deleted the cat and the muffler. Ran straight exhaust out the back of the jeep. I wouldn't recommend doing this to your jeep, as it will ruin your driving experience with ear deafening noise and potential motor problems later down the road.
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Id definitely say it allows for higher rpm operation. Doesn’t sound too bad honestly just pops too much sometimes.
I was blessed with a straight pipe and cored out cat on my 97 when i got it.unnecessary noise and fumes aren't pleasant to me.The very first thing i did was get a muffler and cat back on. When i wanted power i added cubic inches.
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