Anybody up for a random meme dump?

Walter Payton was pure class

I caught a football thrown by Walter Payton! Back when I was with Penske Racing, Payton was part owner of Payton-Coyne racing in the C.A.R.T. series. Roberto Moreno drove for them. Anyway, I can't remember what track it was, but one evening, after all activities were done, and the teams were finishing up in the paddock, he was standing on the tailgate of their transporter throwing a football to random people (the only ones left in the paddock were race team members). I was lucky enough to catch one and throw it back!
It was on the smaller side then.
It could have been a little earlier. I remember when we moved back from Guam in 1978 we still had the party line as we did 1972-1976. Could have been before 1980, but not by much.

Same here. My grandparents' farm was on a party line until the late 70s or early 80s.
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One good pop on the nose and they're gone. This was my first setup. Make sure to turn the volume up!

My grandpa had a heeler who thought he'd mark an electric fence one time.... poor pup squatted to pee for years afterwards. He just couldn't trust anything after that 😂
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