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Anybody up for a random meme dump?


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Jan 17, 2020
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TJ Jim

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Feb 12, 2021
An old man with hearing problems crashed his car into a very expensive
automobile. The owner of the expensive automobile jumps out and confronts the
old man and says "Give me $10,000 cash or I will beat you to a pulp!" The old
man replies, "Woah wait buddy, I don't have that much money but let me call my
son, he trains dolphins." The old man dials his son as as he is about to speak the
owner of the expensive car yanks the phone out of his hand and says
"So you
train dolphins, well your old man just hit and damaged my car, you bring me
$10,000 or I'm gonna beat the heck outta him!" The son answers "Okay, give me
15 minutes and I'll be there." In exactly 15 minutes the son pulls up in a Jeep, Ten
men jump out and beat the hell out of the expensive car owner. Meanwhile the
son walks over to his father and says "Dad I train Navy Seals not dolphins.